Best Lightweight Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Best lightweight Dyson vacuum cleaner – Some people like vacuuming, others hate it.  However, it must be done.  So why not make your job easier with a lightweight vacuum.  A lightweight device can make your cleaning lighter and your life easier.  Moreover, you have a plethora of choices, unlike the early days when these units were huge and stressful.

The best lightweight dyson vacuum cleaner are attractive thanks to their mobility.  Due to the different house designs, most people search for vacuum cleaners that they can easily move up and down the stairs and around obstacles.  Think of the best lightweight dyson vacuum cleaner as a high-tech alternative to dust and brush.  Something you will use a little and often.  So power and comfort are good (we love charging stations, so they are always ready to use.)

Battery life may be less important, but if your home is small, you can consider using a cordless vacuum cleaner as the main vacuum cleaner – in which case you’ll want to continue it for more than a few minutes.  Dyson is available for almost every scenario, from portable vehicle particle evacuations to floor cleaning situations throughout the home.

Long power wires and extended battery life can be enjoyed, providing users with longer cleaning ranges and versatility.  Attachments provide additional functionality and help attack messes and specific apps that will not be accessible for a typical traditional vacation.

What is the best lightweight vacuum cleaner?

The best lightweight dyson vacuum cleaner (s) have helped reinvent home cleaning, with powerful suction, innovative bagless technologies and a futuristic design.  But which Dyson Wireless Vac should you buy?  Also, if you are shopping for a new Dyson vacuum, you’ll soon see that wireless isn’t the only one on display: the company also sells premium straight, portable and cylindrical vauums.

There is a confusing set of different models to choose from in every range.  So how do you know which is the best lightweight dyson vacuum cleaner for you?

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This is where we can help.  In this guide, we’ll help you choose the best lightweight dyson vacuum cleaner for your space and budget – whether that’s a nifty cordless Dyson to tackle the nooks and crannies of your home, a powerful cylinder model for large areas, or something even more portable for the inside of your car.


Best Lightweight Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

·         Dyson V11 Absolute

The new Dyson promises twice the suction (at the cleaner head) of any cordless vacuum cleaner. But it also costs twice as much as competitors. So is it worth the money? The V11 is undoubtedly the best-designed and most powerful cordless vac on the market and boasts a quality look and feel. Its elongated body makes the whole thing look long and elegant.

This model improves the battery life of its predecessors, providing (about 15) up to 60 minutes of playback time.  More importantly, the use of high torque flooring and its intelligent automatic positioning reduces energy on hard floors to conserve battery, and increases it in carpeted areas.  The bright screen not only shows you your power mode, but the number of cleaning minutes remaining in the current position, so you can make an informed decision.


  • Offers strong suction that allows the vacuum to clean different surfaces with impressive results
  • Features a Torque Drive brush roll that agitates the most of stubborn dirt and cleans carpets more effectively
  • Comes with a wide range of useful tools and attachments, especially for use with the handheld version of the vacuum
  • The LCD screen that offers easy controls as well as performance and maintenance reports
  • Provides the user with a clock count down for the battery’s remaining runtime to prevent unexpected shutdowns
  • The unit is lightweight, which provides for easy cleaning especially when using the handheld version


  • You need to dig deeper in your pockets to acquire the vacuum
  • It lacks the soft brush roll that the earlier model came with for sensitive floors.

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·         Dyson V8 Absolute

It is a stick vacuum and weighs only 5.75 lbs.  Thus they are maneuverable, and easy to carry around the house, especially up and down stairs.  However, what’s amazing about this dyson vacuum is its performance.  The V8 uses a fade-free lithium-ion battery.  So it will work with the same suction even when the battery is low.

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Speaking of suction, the unit has a powerful suction at 115W.  Thus cleaning hard floors makes a picnic in the garden.  You will also appreciate the soft roller because it makes cleaning stuck and small debris easy again.

Dyson V8 also has some great features.  First, you can use it as an upright or as a hand vacuum for above floor cleaning. It also happens to be quiet; almost 50% smoother than the V6. Furthermore, it has a higher bin capacity at 0.54 liters that allows you to clean larger spaces without having to empty. Finally, there is a battery meter and a docking station that acts as a charging port.


  • It has a long running time at 40 minutes.
  • It has a trigger power button so that the battery is only used when needed.
  • It is powerful.
  • The weight is on the hand, making it ideal for above floor cleaning.


  • Incredibly expensive

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·         Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead

It weighs 5.5 pounds and is lighter than our top pick. However, the Dyson V8 happens to have some features that are not on the V10 motorhead. The appliance is pretty much a pick and go vacuum cleaner. It is powerful to replace most uprights, although you should not owing to the small canister. It uses swivel steering, allowing you to get around furniture with ease, and you can carry it up and down the stairs with ease too.

Other than the weight, the wall mount is another quality to note, as well as tools, can see and fit with ease. Furthermore, the tools are see and fit over compression, so you are ever sure when they are in place.


  • It converts to a handheld vacuum for above floor cleaning.
  • It has a battery meter allowing you to know when it is fully charged or running low.
  • It has a shorter charging time compared to the V8.
  • It has a long runtime of 60 minutes.
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  • It is pricey and loud.

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·         Dyson V7 Animal

At 5.3 lbs, Dyson V7 is the lightest Dyson vacuum in this guide.  However, it cannot be categorized as the best lightweight because it lacks some of the features found in other units.  This device is improving the V6 in several ways but it is less than the V8 and V10.  First, it contains all the accessories including a notch tool, a combination tool, and the best portable manual attachment cleaning for stairs.  The mechanical attachment is excellent for cleaning upholstery and pet hair.

Something else that is worthy of noting is that the unit rarely runs out of power thanks to the power trigger. The power trigger ensures you only use energy when needed. Finally, it has a substantial running time of 30 minutes.


  • You can mount it on the wall for ease of storage.
  • It has a long runtime even when using the motorized head.
  • It is 75% quieter than Dyson V6.
  • It is a see-fit unit, and you can also store the accessories on the mounting plate reducing the likelihood of misplacing them.


  • It has a low suction when in low power mode.
  • It is pricey.

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Editor’s Recommendation:

Dyson V11 Absolute

It also comes with a superb solid floor roller and four smaller attachments.  You can store two on the premium wall mount dock and cut the crevice nozzle on the V11 stick – together they are great for spider webs.  Capacity is higher than ever and easy to empty.  But runtime and power control are the stars of the show.  If nothing is against money, buy V11: you will not be disappointed.  With a limited budget, consider V11 Animal. To find out more on this, see on Amazon


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