Best Robot Vacuum With HEPA Filter

Best robot vacuum with HEPA filter – It’s likely that when you’re vacuuming, you’re trying to reduce dust, dirt, lint and pet hair in your home – but picking up dirt is only half the story.  A good vacuum should also keep the dust trapped inside, and not return it to the air again as it can cause sensitive family members to sneeze, arouse asthma, and allergies, not to mention settling on furniture and floors that you just cleaned.  The best way to get rid of dust and dirt is with a high efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA).

House dust, pollen, allergies to cats and dogs – there is a lot going on in the air in our homes.  It’s no wonder that allergic patients among us constantly have a runny nose and hardly recover from sneezing.  Best robot vacuum with HEPA filter provides treatment.

Does iRobot filter HEPA?

Anyone looking for the best allergy vacuum cleaner should definitely look for a robot vacuum with a HEPA filter.  HEPA filters are special “highly efficient particulate air filters” that filter up to 99% of allergens from the air.  A real blessing for allergy sufferers!  Especially important when using a HEPA filter vacuum robot: The filter must be cleaned regularly and thoroughly to provide full performance.  Moreover, the filter should be replaced with a new filter after some time.

Robot vacuums are some of the most popular vacuums around. That’s because they automate the entire process of vacuuming! More and more robot vacuums are using HEPA filters, because HEPA filters keep nasty particles within the vacuum, rather than allowing them to float around in your air.

The best robot vacuum with HEPA filter boast a special filter that holds 99.97% of particles up to 0.3 microns in size – so small that it cannot be seen with the naked eye, but not so small that allergy sufferers don’t feel it.  The most important filter for capturing these allergens is the HEPA filter on the exhaust, as the air blows out of the vacuum and returns to the room.  Dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke and more are captured by these highly efficient filters, and since HEPA filters are available in many vertical voids, box and stick, if your family is sensitive to dust, it is relatively easy to find a model to suit your needs.

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In fact, using the wrong vacuum might actually worsen your allergies temporarily, especially if you’re allergic to dust. “It’s important that the settled dust isn’t stirred up and put back into the air. That’s where HEPA vacuums come in. These powerful devices suck up dirt and dust without pushing allergens back into the room. Keep reading to learn more about HEPA vacuums and our top five picks—plus other models worth checking out.

To find the best robot vacuum with HEPA filter for people with allergies, search for vacuums with the official approval seal from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). The program puts its applicants through rigorous testing to ensure that each product limits your exposure to allergens and offending particles.

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Keep convenience in mind: Choose vacuums with brushes and portable canisters that can pick up dirt in hard-to-reach places and suction pet hair and dander. Aim for versatility: Stick with HEPA vacuums that can capture dirt and allergens on a variety of surfaces, whether it’s hard-wood floors, carpets, or plush rugs.

Now that you know what to look for when shopping for the best robot vacuum with HEPA filter, check out our top picks below—and other highly rated models worth considering.


Best Robot Vacuum With HEPA Filter

·         Neato Robotics D6 Smart Robot Vacuum

What this robot vacuum offers is efficiency, as are the options.  You have a lot of options when it comes to how to use this robot vacuum and what you are using it for.  With your smartphone, you can access a variety of different settings and cleaning modes.  This includes a map, and on this map, you can choose the rooms and exact areas you want the robot vacuum to clean.  You can also choose when and how the robot vacuum cleans them!

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  • Multiple floor plans and cleaning maps.
  • Virtual boundaries.
  • Long battery life.
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatibility.
  • Good third-party integration with IFTTT and Apple Watch.



·         Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless HEPA Vacuum

The Shark rotator bagless vacuum combines all the best features of a vacuum at a more-than-reasonable price. Its HEPA filter and anti-allergen technology traps dust particles, and its attachment tools can sweep upholstery and other hard-to-reach crevices. Use as a standard upright vacuum, or lift away the canister and sling it over your shoulder to clean stairs, tight closets or bathrooms, or any other part of your home that requires a little extra maneuverability. Reviewers say the Shark stands up to heavy pet hair, and leaves rooms smelling fresh.


  • Good air performance at the end of the hosepipe
  • Works well at cleaning hard floors
  • Quiet while vacuuming
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to empty dust container without making a mess
  • Washable filter


  • If you are cleaning large debris like cheerios, there will be a slight plowing effect
  • If you pull too hard, caddy may topple
  • Few queries with the durability of the plastic parts. See on Amazon


·         Hoover WindTunnel 2 Whole House Rewind Upright HEPA Vacuum

While most HEPA vacuumss can work on the expensive side, this Hoover model is one of the most affordable options with a small particle filter.  WindTunnel 2 is designed with continuous suction power and two channels to clean dirt, dust and crumbs on the surface of floors and deep in the carpet.  According to the brand, this incorporates advanced AllergenBlock technology with a HEPA media filter system that makes cleaning the entire house simple and sneeze-free.  It has a 25-foot power cord that magically retracts and a long cleaning space of 16 feet, allowing you to target even the toughest places to reach.


  • Retractable power cord
  • Works well on pet hair
  • Reasonably priced
  • Hose is long



·         Dyson V8 Animal Cord-Free HEPA Vacuum

The battery-powered, wireless-powered Dyson V8 has great suction power – and thanks to the HEPA filtration system, the vacuum will not expel this particulate air into the room.  And don’t let the slender profile cheat you – this machine picks up pet’s hair and dirt easily.  It is also engineered to be used almost anywhere: the long handle can reach the ceiling and shorten to double as a manual broom.  Bonus: It is AAFA accredited.  Reviewers like that the vacuum produces less noise, that the battery lasts for 40 minutes before charging, and the unspilled discharging mechanism.

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  • It has a long running time at 40 minutes.
  • It has a trigger power button so that the battery is only used when needed.
  • It is powerful.
  • The weight is on the hand, making it ideal for above floor cleaning.



·         GOOVI 1600PA Robotic Vacuum

With this robotic vacuum cleaner, you can reach 1600Pa of suction.  This is a lot of suction, especially for a robot vacuum that costs this little so you can empty on hard and soft floors using this robot vacuum.  As the robot vacuum moves across floors, it cleans everything in its path, all of these things flow through a simple HEPA filter.  What this filter does is it ensures that all allergens and germs are removed from the air, and kept safe inside the filter.

This robot vacuum is very easy to use, since it has a remote control.  With the remote control, you can access features such as scheduling and the ability to change the cleaning mode.  There are no smartphone functions though, which makes the experience less convenient.


  • Effortless Operation & Set Up
  • Ideal for Carpets
  • Remote Control, Making it Reliable


  • Sometime unable to mount to changing dock. But works pretty good on carpets & Harwood floors.


Editor’s Recommendation:

Neato Robotics D6 Smart Robot Vacuum

As for the efficiency and performance of this robot vacuum, it’s really cool!  You can empty on any surface – no matter if it’s a smooth surface or a hard surface – with this vacuum.  Because of the suction power and brushes, you won’t have any problems cleaning up thick, tough parts of dirt and debris.  When this happens, everything flows through a gentle HEPA filter ensuring the air remains pleasant and clean.

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