Best Roomba for Pet Hair

Thinking of the best roomba for pet hair? This article is just for you. You know, as a pet owner, there are some certain routine treats you and care you need to offer to your pet which includes; grooming, visiting a veterinarian, exercising the pet, proper feeding and so on. Also, you should always keep your home and environment clean and free from any type of hazards. These practices will help to keep your pet healthy and plummy always.

What you should know

One big issue that pet owners are always faced with is when a pet’s hair needs to be attended to and in what best way it should be done. If you fail to routinely clean up your pet’s hair and also perform other forms of cleaning around/within the house, your house will be so messed and uncomfortable for everyone in it. Not only will the house uncomfortable, the atmosphere will be affected too and this might be dangerous to human health.

When you are faced with these challenges said above, the easiest solution is to get a vacuum cleaner, preferably a smart robotic vacuum cleaner. With this, you can seamlessly tackle all these challenges without actually doing anything; the robot does everything for you while you just sit back and relax or go about your daily activities.

Now, you have heard of a solution and it is all about getting a robotic vacuum, how do get the most suitable one for these tasks? This question is what prompted this article, so I can assure that once you’re done reading this article, you would never search for further solutions.

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iRobot Roomba vacuums are versatile in operation and can be used for various cleaning exercise including that of cleaning your pet hair. They are quite a lot of robotic vacuums from the company already but not really all of them are perfect for this operation – which should you buy?

Best Roomba for pet hair 

A great value for your money is Roomba 960 – the latest from the brand of recent. Although very costly, this is the best Roomba for pet hair. iRobot’s Roomba 960 is packed with a lot of cool features that will make your jaw drop. It is very concentrated in cleaning and is very capable of handling your pet hair. 

Also, this smart robotic cleaner can move on to clean your whole home without any difficulties and it does that efficiently. This you would like to do if your pet hair is littered on the floor or on your center rugs.

Typically, most vacuums cannot get through beneath some of your furniture but this isn’t the case with Roomba 960; it can easily navigate to any area of your home even under low-sitting furniture.

What Makes Robot Vacuum Fit for your Pet Hair?

Nice question. There are some considerable factors to take note of before choosing a Robotic Vacuum fit for your pet hair and of course it should be capable of cleaning the debris and dirt on your floors.

Not disregarding your own personal options/preferences, there are also general features you need to watch out for while getting a Roomba robotic vacuum for your pet and home. Unless you want to end up with a vacuum that might break up after few uses.

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Battery Capacity and Maximum Run Time:

First, you should look out for a vacuum cleaner with long-lasting battery. At least a vacuum that can last up to 120 mins is a classical option to take note of.

High Efficient Filters:

Also you should look out for a vacuum with good filters to ensure it is not blowing the debris from the pet hair back into the air. The 960 Robot vacuum comes with HEPA filter and that makes it our top choice for this task.

Low maintenance rate/cost:

Unless you wouldn’t mind spending the robot vacuum weekly or at close interval, then you should also consider this factor. Buying a vacuum cleaner which you would keep spending on all the time is definitely not what you want. So, ensure the vacuum you’re purchasing has low maintenance clause/cost – Still one of the reasons we choose Roomba vacuums, especially the 960 version.

Personal Preferences:

When you have taken into consideration the number 1, 2, and 3 factors above, then your personal preferences can come in. Here you consider the price, design, flexibility, and other features you which to be found in your robotic vacuum cleaner. 

Misc. features:

Do you want a vacuum cleaner just for your pet hair? What then happens to your home that also needs vacuuming? These questions would make you look out for a versatile vacuum cleaner robot that would go beyond cleaning just your pet hair.

Our suggestion on the best vacuum cleaner for pet owners is the final result of a strict research by professions and also reviews/rating from lots of people online.

Meet the Best Roomba for Pet hair – iRobot Roomba 960

The iRobot Roomba 960 is an extremely smart vacuum cleaner that includes all the features you’re looking for. It comes with iAdapt 2.0 Navigation system coupled with two Visual Localization walls which set boundaries where the robot must not exceed. Roomba 980 operates seamlessly without bumping into obstacles and it easily navigates under the furniture, thanks to its sleek body.

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This robotic vacuum cleaner intelligently moves around your home, picking even the tiniest particles of dust and debris. One thing that will make you love this smart cleaner the more is the fact that it works on all floor types, tiles, carpets and rugs and it cleans them perfectly, leaving no spot at all.

Roomba 960 can be controlled using the mobile app which is available for both iOS and Android. This model uses AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System; a technology feature which delivers up to 5x more suction power on hard surface.

What pet owners would love about this robotic vacuum cleaner

 iRobot Roomba 960 comes with tangle-free brushes which lets the unit select pet hairs and large debris without any clogging. Pets are usually cluttered with strands of hair, and Roomba 960 can easily get rid of these hairs.

Features of the smart cleaner – Roomba 960

  • Up to 120 minutes of run-time.
  • 1700 suction power
  • 0.6L dustbin size
  • 70DB noise level
  • Scheduled cleaning.
  • IR Remote Control  
  • Mapping / Path planning  
  • Wet Mopping  
  • Carpet boost  
  • HEPA Filter  
  • Controllable via smartphone  
  • Two virtual walls – uses infrared
  • Amazon Alexa Support 
  • Google Assistant Support  
  • Full Bin indicator  
  • Cliff Sensor  
  • Auto Recharge and Resume  
  • Li-ion battery – 3000mAh

Conclusion on the best Roomba for pet hair:

This is absolutely the best Roomba for pet hair.  There are other alternatives which can be considered if you think the Roomba 960 is very costly.

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