Best Steam Cleaner for Bathroom

A steam cleaner is your bathroom solution, can clean the grouts and keep your tiles and wall shiny. But you want the best steam cleaner for the bathroom because just any steamer breaks the steaming experience.

The best steam cleaner for a bathroom can pressure-wash to remove ceramic tile and grout stains and deep-clean without harsh chemicals. Its steam temperature reaches 229 degrees Fahrenheit, and it features strong brush heads.

Depending on the steam cleaner, heat it for 2-5 minutes to reach about 145 degrees Celsius before use.

Ensure to have a continuous water supply if yours is tankless, or refill when you run it out if using a tanked steam cleaner.

Do Steam Cleaners Work on Bathrooms?

Steam cleaners work in bathrooms. Your steam cleaner will not only deep-clean or pressure-wash but also sanitize the walls and every area steamed.

Typical steam cleaners use high-heat cleaning, so there is no need for harsh chemicals that irritate pets and children.

The pressure wash from your steam cleaner can loosen and remove limescale, dirt and eliminate about 99.9 percent of bathroom germs. Intriguingly, it does not mandate using harsh chemicals.

It can seamlessly ensure shiny walls and grouts and expel soap scum around your tub from the shower doors. You do not even have to scrub to have a cleaner bathroom with a steam cleaner.

For the tile, the scrub brush attachment cleans and sanitizes it and the grouts. Use the squeegee attachment if you have a bathroom glass door.

Are Steam Cleaners Good for Bathrooms?

Steam cleaners are good for bathrooms. However, a typical steam cleaner produces moisture that can affect your bathroom ceiling, paint, walls, and grouts if you use additives.

The steam settling on your bathroom surfaces can eventually cause mold. Molds typically grow on your bathtub or shower caulking and grout.

Nonetheless, your steam cleaner eliminates them, the bristles simply expel molds from hard-to-reach cracks.

The Healthline notes a report from the World Health Organization (WHO) claiming that temperatures above 149 degrees Fahrenheit or 65 degrees Celsius can rapidly kill bacteria.

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Your steam cleaner heats beyond these temperatures, so it can kill bacteria.

In essence, high-pressure steam will affect some parts of your bathroom. But it most importantly gives it a sparkling touch and eliminates germs and bacteria.

Best Steam Cleaner for Bathroom

Without the best steam cleaner, you cannot say you sparkle-washed or sanitized your bathroom steam-cleaning it. Get in the market and buy any of the best steam cleaners for the bathroom below:

MOVA Steam Mop Cleaner

MOVA is designing this one to be your one-stop solution for healthy bathroom steam-washing.

It can eliminate 99.999% bacteria and uses an ergonomic handle for handling comfort.

Below are further reasons to invest in MOVA’s bathroom steam cleaner:

  • Heating speed. Faster heating hastens your wash. The MOVA is thoughtfully built to foster speed so you completely get your bathroom to hygienic sparkle in minutes.
  • Wattage. You need power for the task, and MOVA is giving you a 12000W steam cleaner that heats pretty quickly.
  • Water tank. While some steam cleaners feature no tanks, MOVA is giving you one. No need to connect your water source. MOVA’s 275ml reservoir lets you clean the tough-to-reach bathroom areas.
  • Safety. No chemicals for hygienic steaming, so you do not irritate your children and pets. It is also safe for yoga lovers and the pregnant. See on Amazon

PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner

If you must clean what nobody likes in your bathroom, the PurSteam steam cleaner is your contemporary solution.

This steam mop lets you quickly get your bathroom walls and grouts to a sparkle. It also expels bacteria without chemicals, making sure your household is safer.

The PurSteam is indeed your bathroom cleaning solution, below are reasons to buy it:

  • Harsh chemical-free. Use this steam cleaner to give your bathroom hygienic touch without the use of chemicals.¬†
  • Reservoir. PurSteam uses a 340ml reservoir that encourages continuous steam cleaning up to 20-25 minutes¬†
  • Safety. PurSteam steam cleaner cleans your bathroom without irritating your pets and children.
  • Quick heating. Your steam cleaner reaches steaming heat levels within a few minutes so that you can quickly sanitize your bathroom. See on Amazon

Buyers Guide Bathroom Steam Cleaner

It is important that as a buyer you do not invest in the wrong bathroom steam.

This buyers guide for bathroom steam cleaner is what you need as your checklist:

  1. Steam temperature

As mentioned earlier, bacteria will die when exposed to 149 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures. Therefore, your steam cleaner should reach at least 229 degrees Fahrenheit or 105 degrees Celsius.

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It should also have multiple brush heads so you can conveniently clean your bathroom to sparkle. The brush must be able to work stains to give the grouts cleaner looks.

  1. Water tank

If you have no water source, you need a steam cleaner with a large tank so that you can steam continuously for a longer time. If possible, get a steam cleaner with adjustable levels regulator for storing different water content to meet your different steaming demands.

Ensure to completely dissolve any cleaning agent you add to the water tank.

  1. Steam pipe

Your steam cleaner should use a steam pipe that supports high pressure and high temperature for deep cleaning.

  1. Wattage

Bigger wattage delivers more powerful steaming. Get a steam cleaner with up to 1700W, and that can steam out quickly.

  1. Weight

If you need a lightweight steam cleaner, get the model without a built-in tank. A tank makes the steam cleaner heavier, and you have to refill it often.

  1. Steaming pressure

Get an adjustable high-pressure steam cleaner that can easily penetrate hard-to-reach areas of the toilet to forcefully expel stains and bacteria.

  1. Product warranty

Do not buy if the steam cleaner does not have a warranty. Typical reliable manufacturers allow you to return your steam cleaner if you spot damages. You will also receive a free replacement.

How Do You Steam Clean a Bathroom?

This section covers the steps to clean your bathroom with a steam cleaner. Note that it is not advisable to use cleaning agents in your steamer.

  • Prepare your steam cleaner

Your steam cleaner comes with many attachments, so set them up for your cleaning.

Refer to your product manual for the proper attachments you need to begin cleaning.

You will need the nozzle brushes on your floors and fixtures.

  • Fill the steamer tank

Fill your steam tank according to the size of your bathroom. Some steamers will allow you to continuously clean for up to 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, about 32 oz. of water should last for 30 minutes while 48 oz. can reach 45 minutes of steam cleaning. Use the funnel to fill in the water and do not forget to close the cap lid before use.

  • Start steaming

Turn on your steam cleaner and get to work. Refer to your owner’s manual for the correct way to turn on and use your steam cleaner.

When you run out of water, shut off the steam cleaner and refill it. You can also pull the trigger so that built-up pressure is released. It is also advisable to allow up to 20 minutes before you refill and steam your bathroom again.

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Can I Steam Clean Bathroom Tiles?

You can steam your bathroom tiles. A steam cleaner allows you to clean your smooth and porous tiles, as well as get rid of grout stains.

Steam cleaning will also penetrate the pores and crevices where it loosens grime, grease, and dirt, and kills bacteria.

When the grout holding your bathroom tiles is porous, moisture and soil can settle in it. This exposure invites residues and mildew which steam cleaning can render clean and hygienic.

A steam cleaner can soften mildew and mud on your bathroom grout for easier cleaning. However, if you use additives in your steam water, it can easily damage the grout.

How Often Should You Steam Clean Your Bathroom?

How often you steam clean your bathroom depends on how often you use it. You should steam clean your bathroom once a week, or twice a month if you do not use it often. This will keep it at bay.

Your bathroom hosts bacteria, E. coli dwells in it, typically within 6 feet of your bathroom sink. When you do not steam clean your bathroom, you can use disinfectant. A natural remedy such as vinegar can help to expel bacteria.

Do Steam Cleaners Disinfect Bathrooms?

Steam cleaners disinfect bathrooms. Your steam cleaner will perfectly sanitize all parts of your bathroom, including hard-to-reach spots.

When you steam-clean your bathroom, you kill 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs, including Salmonella, E. coli, and more.

If you invest in a premium steam cleaner, you will experience high-pressure steam heating that is even chemical-free. This means you do not have to worry about irritating your children and pets.

Apart from disinfecting your bathrooms, a steam cleaner does not also damage ceramic tiles and grouts. Some steam cleaners even allow you to adjust the pressure levels to meet specific requirements.

Final thoughts on the Best Steam Cleaner for Bathroom

Use temperatures above 150 degrees Celsius when steam-cleaning your bathroom. After each steaming, ensure to replace each accessory. Allow the air vent to stop and avoid the jet switch, it can cause burns.

Adjust the pressure when steam-cleaning glasses in your bathroom to avoid cracks. Finally, depending on your product, you can always twist or detach the nozzle to remove foreign matter such as limescale.

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