Best Steam Cleaner for Dust Mites

Dust mites are reportedly harmless, they carry no diseases but can cause allergic reactions. Since steaming is said to be effective against an allergen, what is the best steam cleaner for dust mites?

A typical best steam cleaner for dust mites should produce high-temperature and pressure steam faster. It should have a non-slip base, heat dissipation, and be lightweight for convenient handling.

Some steam cleaners are designed with no tank while some feature a tank. Steamers with tanks have a water limit. However, steam cleaners directly connected to a water source are lightweight and heat faster.

Do Steam Cleaners Get Rid of Dust Mites?

Steam cleaning gets rid of dust mites. It eliminates dust mite allergens to discourage complicating allergies. Unlike dry vacuuming, steam cleaning can pick and eliminate dust mites, so you have to steam for effectiveness.

Apart from steaming to get rid of dust mites, you can include solutions like acaricides to kill dust mites on your furniture and carpeting.

Research shows that some premium steam cleaners can kill 99.9% of dust mites in a second.

The feces and bodies of dust mites cause the allergens. Therefore, ensure to thoroughly vacuum any affected area at least once every week.

How Hot Does Steam Have to Be to Kill Dust Mites?

According to the Mayo Clinic, temperatures above 130 degrees Fahrenheit can kill dust mites. Premium steam cleaners heat up to 360 degrees Fahrenheit.

You might also have to heat for at least 15 minutes for effectiveness. Nonetheless, the heating speed depends on your steam cleaner and model. Do not invest in cheapies.

How Does Steam Cleaner Work?

When you plug in your steam cleaner, it heats the water in the tank up to 360 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on your model, the tank could be running on up to 150 psi low pressure to increase steaming.

If your steam cleaner requires detergent, it mixes with water for tougher cleaning.

As the steam vapor goes through your dusty material such as carpet, it weakens its stains. The pressure from the steam cleaner is able to easily clean and remove dust mites.

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An industrial steam cleaner receives direct water while it is running. Steamers with a steam vacuum feature a refill tank where you can add water while steam-cleaning to remove dust mites.

A steam cleaner makes your cleaned materials dry faster. This is due to the dry vapor technology that adds less moisture to the dusty material. Also, there is no risk of mildew or mold.

Is Steam Cleaning Effective for Dust Mites?

Steam cleaning is effective for dust mites extermination, it is a recommended method for cleaning your bedding. A steam cleaner will typically heat the surface of dusty material with dry steam.

The hot steam from a steam cleaner can penetrate your stuffed animal, furniture cushions, bedding, carpeting, etc., to remove dust mites. It leaves no room for dust mites to lurk around.

Moreover, vapor steaming is safe for your environment and household. The cleaning is pure with no use of chemicals and will not cause allergic reactions.

You should contact a cleaning professional for the cleaning if you have incomplete or no PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Best Steam Cleaner for Dust Mites

In this section, we are concerned about steam cleaners that can terminate dust mites from your household.

Below are the best steam cleaners for dust mites:

McCulloch MC1375

It has been a decade and McCulloch is still reliable for its versatile and powerful steam cleaning solutions. The MC1375 is one of the additions that will not just trap but also kill dust mites.

Below are the reasons the MC1375 of McCulloch should be your best steam cleaner for dust mites:

  • Dirt removal. Speaking of dirt, the MC1375 uses attachable utility brushes capable of removing not just dust mites but also tough grime and grease. You can use it on your BBQ grill, patio, oven, and more.
  •  Water tank capacity. McCulloch understands your need for continuous steaming. They designed the MC1375 with a 48-ounce capacity water tank to run for 90 minutes. Refill fewer times and clean more.
  • Steam control. You have the variable steam to enhance the steam flow.
  • Environmental safety. There is no use of harsh chemicals to eliminate dust mites, so this steam cleaner is safe for your car, grout, grill, appliances, and more. It will not harm your pets. Click Here to See on Amazon

Vapamore MR-1000

The MR-1000 of Vapamore’s steam cleaners is the new steam-cleaning solution for homeowners and professionals.

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This steam cleaner can eliminate dust mites from bedding, garage, sofa, BBQ grill, automobile interior, bedding, and many more.

  • Pet care. With this Vapamores new dust-mite removal solution, you can clean your pet cages without harming them. Your pets do not get to invest chemicals when you use the MR-1000 steam cleaner.
  • Power Steam. This steam cleaner ensures refreshen bedding and furniture cleaning due to its power steaming.
  • Chemical-free. The ideal steam cleaner uses no chemical, the Vapamore MR-1000 does the same. You can now clean your home, automobile, and office without encountering harsh and allergic chemicals.
  • Capacity. This steam cleaner uses a 4-liter/1 gallon boiler with a 1900-watt heating element that can steam to high temperatures within minutes. See on Amazon

What to Look for When Buying a Steam Cleaner

When buying a steam cleaner for removing dust mites, consider the following:

  • Heating level

You need a steam cleaner that can reach higher temperatures to get higher pressure and dryer steam.

Dust mites will die at 130 degrees Fahrenheit as mentioned earlier. If your steam cleaner heats more than this number, then you are not just removing but exterminating the mites.

Higher temperatures also mean better cleaning, a more reliable sanitary, and cleaning efficiency.

  • Noise level

Some steam cleaners are quieter than vacuum cleaners. Although noise is not closely related to your need to get rid of dust mites, you do not want a cleaning device that wakes your pet and neighbors.

You should be able to check the decibel level or question the manufacturer. Manufacturers that hide decibel levels could be selling you a 90s jet engine.

  • Weight

You do not need a heavy steam cleaner so that cleaning is easier. Nevertheless, consider the weight according to your needs. If it exceeds your weight need or is not quite portable as you expect, consider other steam cleaning options.

A heavier steam cleaner may not mean better performance.

  • Heating speed

You need a water steamer that heats faster so that you steam-clean more within a shorter time. Depending on the product manufacturer and model, it could heat between 5-15 minutes.

You do not need a steam cleaner that keeps you waiting for too long. Ensure that the product allows continuous streaming for longer minutes, up to 60 minutes or more.

The heating element is also determined by the wattage. So, if you need faster heating, you are looking at bigger wattage to deliver faster heats water for vapor cleaning.

  • Pressure adjustment

Get a steam cleaner with adjustable steam pressure. You may not always need high pressure on all surfaces while cleaning.

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The transition between pressure levels must also be swift so that you clean more within a few minutes.

How Do You Kill Dust Mites with a Steamer?

The foremost treatment for dust mites is to prevent them from invading your properties. Unfortunately, you cannot entirely eliminate them, so you have to minimize dust mite exposure.

When there are fewer dust mites, you get less severe allergic reactions. You can also control dust mite symptoms with medications.

Below is how you kill dust mites with a steam cleaner:

First, read the product manufacturer’s manual for instructions to operate your steam cleaner.

Gently, dust the surfaces and materials you want to steam clean.

Suit up your PPE, including eyewear, protective gloves, etc. This is necessary because steam exposure can cause skin burns on areas not protected. Keep your eyes on the steamer.

While steam-cleaning, it is advisable to keep the steam cleaner 6-8 inches away from the material or surface.

Make sure not to have direct contact with the material while giving it gentle steam. If the steamed material is wrinkled, pull to release the affected area and steam-clean it.

Finally, some dirt and stains stick to the material or surface, and so you must scrub harder after steaming. Leave the steamed surface or material to dry before replacing and putting anything on them.

How Do You Get Dirt Out of a Steam Cleaner?

You want your steam cleaner to stay clean for the next steaming.

Get the dirt out of a steam cleaner following the simple procedures below:

Add two parts distilled water and one part white vinegar to the reservoir.

Allow the water to cool and pour it out of your steamer. You can repeat this process at least thrice to expel vinegar residues and completely remove mineral deposits from your steam cleaner. Allow the steam cleaner to air-dry.

Final Thoughts on Best Steam Cleaner for Dust Mites

Apart from using a steam cleaner to get rid of dust mites, change your beddings regularly and do not place irrelevant pillows on your furniture.

You can also use a dehumidifier and allergen-proof bed covers to keep off dust mites.

Your children and pets are vulnerable to dust mites, so ensure to steam-cleaned dusty materials and surfaces often.

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