Best vacuum cleaner and washer

What is the best vacuum cleaner and washer? If your home has lots of wall-to-wall carpeting that gets lots of traffic and stains, a carpet cleaner is a worthwhile investment. If you have the storage space, owning a machine is less costly over time compared to renting or hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. Plus, you’ll have the machine on-hand to tackle stains the minute they happen and to do regular maintenance cleanings to help your carpets stay looking better longer.

While a vacuum cleaner will get rid of everyday dust and dirt from your home, a carpet cleaner promises to do so much more. There are some stains and marks that a regular vacuum simply can’t get out, and while steam cleaners can refresh your carpets, you’ll need a dedicated carpet cleaner to really eliminate tough stains or get rid of persistent smells. That is where the best vacuum cleaner and washer comes in to save the day.

What to consider when buying the best vacuum cleaner and washer

  • Consider the machine’s weight. Carpet cleaners are much heavier to push and more cumbersome to use than traditional vacuum cleaners. And once you add water, they weigh even more.
  • Look for special features, like edge cleaning, rotating brushes, a heater, and attachments. Most come with attachments to clean small areas and small bottles of detergents to get you started. Depending on your needs, they may be worth the money.
  • Read over the machine’s warranty (many manufacturers post this information on their websites). While you’re at it, check your carpet’s warranty to make sure you’re not using a product that will void it.
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Best vacuum cleaner and washer

·         Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner

This cleaner is your carpet’s new best friend. This full-size machine deep cleans and works on stairs, upholstery, and can even tackle pet hair. One of this Bissell’s innovative features is a targeted spray nozzle for stains. It works with just the press of a pedal and without having to stop, bend down, and use a separate product. The 2-in-1 Pet Upholstery Tool works dry to pull out stubborn pet hair and wet to zap stains on furniture fabrics and mattresses. Carpet machines of the past have been bulky, but this one is lightweight. See on Amazon

·         Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner

The Hoover Smart Wash is a convenient full-sized carpet cleaning machine. This budget-friendly model offers convenient features to get the job done without extra hassle. To use, push the cleaner forward and it washes the carpet with a premixed combo of water and cleaning formula. Pull the appliance back and it removes the moisture to dry the carpet. By automatically dispensing the correct combination of solution and water, it’s one less thing you have to. If you’re worried your carpet is too wet, select the “dry only” setting and give it a few more passes. It also comes with a hose and attachments. See on Amazon

·         Bissell CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner

Low pile area rugs are easy to clean because dirt stays mostly on the surface, so you don’t need a stiff brush to get deep down. The Bissell CrossWave gently cleans area rugs with a soft microfiber and nylon brush, so there’s no fear of damaging the short pile or fraying the loops. Best for low flat rugs, this lightweight Seal holder also vacuums dry dirt and works on bare floors. And we liked that it dispenses just enough water for cleaning, but not so much that it wets the carpet back or the flooring underneath. It’s lightweight and has easy-reach controls so you can go from vacuuming to washing without missing a step. There’s even a spot to stash the wet brush until it’s dry. See on Amazon

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·         Bissell Pet Stain Eraser 2003T

The Bissell Pet Stain Eraser is a super easy-to-use (and compact!) carpet stain remover as well as a dry and wet vac. This Seal holder works indoors but is also easy to use on car-seats and anything else on-the-go. Not only is it cordless, but the battery lasted 18 minutes in our tests. That’s surely enough time to get out those stubborn stains. We applied grape juice and coffee to white carpet and the Eraser removed them easily. It even got rid of stains that had been there for over a month! It is effective at getting rid of icky pet stains like urine, vomit, or feces (yuck!). Attached on board the appliance is the cleaning solution and a brush nozzle to use for extra scrubbing. See on Amazon

·         Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

If you’re really serious about carpet cleaning, the Rug Doctor is the next best thing to a professional cleaning. The rental option is best if you don’t want to own, or don’t have adequate storage space. If you purchase it, you get a hose and attachments for cleaning stairs and upholstery along with cleaning formulas. When you rent, everything is purchased separately. The Rug Doctor has earned the highest rating from the Carpet & Rug Institute — the trade organization of the carpet industry — for soil removal, water removal, and gentleness. Note it only works on the backward stroke. See on Amazon

·         Bissell Compact HydroWave 2571E Carpet Cleaner

More compact than our winning Vax model, the Bissell Hydrowave is a great choice for heavily carpeted homes. We tested it out using both the Express Clean and Deep Clean settings. The former fully removed mud and tea stains in two sweeps and the majority of our wine stain, while the later fully removed all stains in one sweep.

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The head is slim enough to clean stairs easily, meaning no carpeted area goes untouched. Our only niggle is that the cleaning solution comes out in a thin stream, rather than a wide spray, which means it covers less area in one go. See on Amazon

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·         Russell Hobbs Aqua RHCC50AS01 Carpet Cleaner

This lightweight, budget-friendly machine is designed for carpets and rugs only. We were pleased with how well it tackled dirty carpet, removing mud and tea stains with minimal effort. It also left carpet damp, rather than wet, and the carpet pile had lifted too. The carpet colour remained the same and fibres were left separated rather than matted. It’s a solid budget buy though that will clean everyday dirt well.



Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner

Includes bonus 3″ Tough Stain Tool & the 2-in-1 Pet Tool that works in both dry and wet mode to remove pet hair, stains and odors, all with one tool. Removable brush roll cover gives easy access to efficiently clean and maintain your deep cleaner. See on Amazon




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