Best vacuum cleaner without bag

Best vacuum cleaner without bag – Anyone who’s ever owned a bagged vacuum cleaner will probably have at least one memory of running out of bags just as the vac is full, the house is a mess and they’ve got friends or relatives coming round.

Bagless vacuum cleaners have other benefits. They tend to be easier and quicker to empty than their bagged contemporaries. And as some come with anti-bacterial protection, which can reduce house dust mite and cat allergen content significantly, they can also be a better option for allergy sufferers. But be warned, they usually have smaller dust capacities – the average holds 2.6L compared with 4.2L in bagged machines.

Purchasing a new vacuum cleaner probably seems like a simple task, but once you start to explore explore all of the options, features, brands and accessories, the process can quickly become overwhelming. At first glance, vacuum cleaners come in so many models from dozens of brands all with their own set of features and accessories. The prices range can from under $100 to over $2,000. With so many choices and factors to consider it can be hard to decide which unit is the best vacuum cleaner without bag.

Without taking all of these variable into consideration, you will undoubtedly buy a unit that won’t be the best for you and your living situation. But, it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. In fact, it’s pretty easy once you figure out what you want, and how much you’re willing to spend. But, first… let’s take a step back and ask yourself this one simple question.

Are bagged vacuums better?

Bagless vacuums are a somewhat new innovation in the world of vacuum cleaners. Whether is because people found them easier to use, clean and maintain, or just hated stocking up on (and running out of) replacement bags when they needed them the most. The best vacuum cleaner without bag have been met with quite a bit of enthusiasm from consumers, and there are many reasons for this.

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While it will vary from model to model, the following list breaks-down the most common benefits that come along with bagless vacuum cleaners.

Once it has been purchased, a bagless vacuum cleaner is less expensive to operate and maintain than its bagged counterpart. This is mainly driven by the lack of having to repeatedly buy more and more bags just to use your vacuum. But, also, the chamber in which you would empty the dirt and debris

The chamber on a bagless model can be emptied again and again and lasts for the entire life of the machine.

Compared to its bagged counterpart, a bagless vacuum cleaner is easily the more environmentally friendly option. Bagged vacuums can use hundreds of bags over their lifetime, but with a bagless model you won’t be throwing anything superfluous away along with your dust and dirt. If you’re extremely eco-conscious (or simply an active gardener) you can even empty the chamber straight into your compost bin. If you go this route, be sure everything in the chamber would be beneficial to your compost.

The best vacuum cleaner without bag tend to be more popular option amongst customers. This is likely for many reasons, mainly because you don’t have to constantly buy bags just to use the device. It’s also easier to dispose of the dirt and debris, because you can do it as often as you’d like. Also, if you accidentally vacuum up something valuable, opening up the chamber to retrieve the item is incredibly simple, unlike a bagged vacuum cleaner where you’d have to cut open the bag and sift around.

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Best vacuum cleaner without bag

·         AEG compact LX5-2-4DB

Use this quiet cylinder vacuum cleaner on floorboards or laminate and you won’t believe how clean they are afterwards – it even reaches right between the floorboards. You’ll need to switch the head for carpets and although we didn’t get such a wow factor finish as with hardwood floors, it wasn’t half bad, especially for the price tag.

The filter works well to protect those who suffer from allergies – which we think is at least as good as with some machines we tested that are double the price. It comes with a good range of accessories too. But the cord could be longer and we couldn’t get it to pick up larger crumbs, which made vacuuming under the table after a family dinner a bit disappointing.

·         Dyson V11 Outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

While this new Dyson V11 Outsize bears a striking family resemblance to its V10 Absolute cousin below, it has some significant updates that are worth considering if you have  a large home with expansive floor surfaces to clean. Most obvious are its extra wide cleaning head and extra large dust bin.

This means you’ll be able to cover more floor with fewer passes and have to empty the dust bin less often.  Three power levels — eco, medium or auto, and boost — allow you to adjust the suction up or down to grab heavy dirt or protect delicate rugs you come across in your path. See on Amazon

·         Shark anti-hair-wrap lift-away NZ801UK

You won’t have any trouble getting your home spic and span with this upright vac, largely thanks to Shark’s special duoclean floor head, which has a turbo brush bar and soft roller brush to suck up debris of all sizes.

The floor head is also designed to self-clean so it swoops up hairs without clogging up the brushes – good news for pet owners who, by the way, will also notice how good it is at eliminating evidence of your four-legged friends even during molting season. It’s easy to assemble and a breeze to push around, as well as enabling you to use the tube to reach right into tricky corners. But not everyone likes upright vacuum cleaners. See on Amazon

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·         Miele Blizzard CX1 comfort powerline lotus cylinder corded vacuum cleaner

This is one of a handful of bagless vacuum cleaners from Miele and it doesn’t come cheap. But true to the brand’s top-drawer reputation, this smart-looking and exceptionally powerful machine breathes new life into dirty carpets and with minimal effort and noise. It’s designed to reach into every nook and cranny and does a grand job on upholstery.

There’s an excellent self-cleaning filter and we really like the controls on the (very comfortable to hold) handle to switch between floor surfaces. But this kind of power sucks rugs right up into the air and we’re not sure we’d spend this much if we only had hard floors, which it doesn’t seem to be quite as good at. See on Amazon



Dyson V11 Outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

In auto mode, the vacuum senses whether it’s on bare floor or carpet and adjusts the power and runtime accordingly. In our GH Cleaning Lab review, we found the suction impressive and the head easily maneuvered around furniture legs and into tight spaces. Between it being cordless and its back-up battery pack for up to two hours of runtime, the only reason you’ll need to stop cleaning is because the job is done! See on Amazon


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