Best vacuum cleaner without cable

Best vacuum cleaner without cable -The slimline, portable design of cordless vacs makes them light and convenient for whipping round the house, but their small dust capacity and the limitations of the battery life means they aren’t suitable for all homes.

Back in the day vacuum cleaners used to be massive, heavy appliances. All that has changed. Today’s machines are cordless, lightweight and powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Many can handle different types of flooring, from carpets to hardwood. They often come with useful attachments too, to help with more chores around the house.

With home living spaces getting smaller, carpets getting less deep pile and cordless vacuum cleaner tech improving beyond all recognition in recent years, the best vacuum cleaner without cable are now easily as effective as traditional vacs. They’re also much more versatile – making them among the best vacuum cleaner without cable that you can buy.

Best vacuum cleaner without cable

Get it right and the manoeuvrability and convenience of a stick vac make it a great option for a quick clean or for smaller households. They’re compact to store (some can be mounted on the wall) and more lightweight than upright and cylinder vacuums, which generally makes them more comfortable to use. As mentioned earlier, they do need to be charged, but you can buy more than one battery for some models if you’re worried about this.

The extra batteries are also useful if you have a larger household, giving your vacuum at least twice the runtime. The suction power of stick vacuums is also getting stronger as technology develops, making the top-end performers a brilliant investment.

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Cordless vacuums are lightweight, easy on the back and give you freedom from cords, getting rid of the annoyance of plugging and unplugging your vacuum cleaner as you move around the house. But features vary between models; some have far more power than others, better attachments and, crucially, longer battery life. But which best vacuum cleaner without cable is right for you?

Best vacuum cleaner without cable

·         DYSON V11 ABSOLUTE

The new Dyson promises twice the suction (at the cleaner head) of any cordless vacuum cleaner. But it also costs twice as much as competitors. So is it worth the money? The V11 is undoubtedly the best-designed and most powerful cordless vac on the market and boasts a quality look and feel. Its elongated body makes the whole thing look long and elegant.

It model improves on predecessors’ battery life, offering (around 15) up to 60 minutes run time. Importantly, use the high torque floorhead and its clever auto mode reduces power on hard floors to conserve battery, increases it on carpeted areas.

A bright display shows you not just your power mode but how many minutes cleaning you have left in the current mode, so you can make an informed choice. See on Amazon

·         Hoover H-FREE 500 HF522UPT Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

There’ll be no more going over and over the same grubby patch of carpet with this cordless Hoover. It scored top marks in almost all of our pick-up tests, sucking up both fine dust and larger debris like biscuit crumbs with ease. The rotating brush in its floorhead efficiently nips out pet hairs, as does its handheld turbo brush, making it a savvy buy for pet owners.

Headlights on the front of the floorhead mean you’ll never miss a scrap of fluff. We like that this model stands up on its own, reaching just 69cm high when parked, yet also comes with a wall mount for easy storage. The battery can be removed and recharged separately, so there’s no need to keep it next to a power socket, and the filter is washable. The crevice nozzle is on the short side and a full recharge takes a long six hours, but this solid all-rounder is a steal for its price. See on Amazon

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·         BISSELL ICON 25V

The Bissell really impressed us. It performs really well and the design includes impressive attention to detail. Bright headlights on the floorhead illuminate cleaning. Run time is up to 50 minutes but it will be much less on high power, using the floorhead… and the Bissell always starts with both when you turn it on.

There are three power levels and the medium one is fine most of the time, but the vac doesn’t remember your last setting, it always starts at top whack, which reduces battery life. The floorhead claims to beat the problem of hair tangles and we certainly didn’t manage to get it badly tangled. It’s also smaller than the Shark floorhead. The 0.4 liter bin isn’t the easiest to empty but it’s ok.

Weighing in at 3.2kg, the design is a top-heavy stick that converts to handheld. It comes with just one tool, a crevice nozzle that converts to a brush. That’s great: you only really need those two tools. Though ironically the designers have given you space to store multiple tools at the charging dock. See on Amazon


Miele’s first cordless claims to be powerful enough to be your only vacuum cleaner. It’s also supremely convertible: you can rearrange the pieces to convert from an upright cleaner (bottom-heavy, perfect when you’re just vacuuming floors, stands up by itself) to a stick cleaner (top-heavy, very maneuverable) to a handheld.

It comes with three tools: crevice nozzle, dusting brush, flat upholstery tool. There’s also a regular model that’s a bit cheaper (no HEPA filter, no headlights on the floorhead, no turbo brush for lifting pet hair from furniture) and a Pro model that’s dearer (comes with a second battery and charger). See on Amazon

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·         Samsung Jet 90 Pro VS20R9049S3 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

It boasts a ton of tools, including a wet brush for mopping floors and an extending crevice nozzle that’s ideal for car cleaning. If you’re short on space, you’ll be relieved to hear that most of the attachments can be stored neatly on the charging station. On test, it picked up all dust, grime and pet hair brilliantly, but the battery run out in under ten minutes on full power. It also doesn’t stand up on its own, which can be a pain if you need to move something out of its path. Still, it’s certainly versatile, and it glided well as a mop, leaving our floors sparkling and only lightly damp. Overall, if you can justify the price, you won’t regret the purchase. See on Amazon




It also comes with a superb fluffy hard floor roller and four smaller accessories. You can store two on the excellent wall-hung charging dock and clip the crevice nozzle onto the V11’s wand – together they’re great for cobwebs

Capacity is higher than ever and it’s easy to empty. But the run time and power controls are the stars of the show. If money’s no object, buy the V11: you won’t be disappointed. On a tighter budget, consider the V11 Animal. See on Amazon



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