Dyson 360 Eye review and Analysis

You’ve never seen a premium robotic vacuum until you meet the Dyson 360 Eye. Yeah and honestly it is a premium robot. Roomba vacuuming robots appear great, Neato looks classic, Eufy, Ecovacs, etc. looks sturdy but the Dyson 360 Eye looks premium. Here’s an extensive Dyson 360 Eye review detailing the whole features of the robot and how it works.

The Dyson 360 Eye Overview

In the wifi enabled robo vac market, only Roomba 980 and Neato Botvac D7 Connected can stand to compete with the Dyson 360 Eye. Looking at this cleaning bot, it appears to be taller than other robotic vacuums – about 1.12 taller than Roomba vacuums and 0.80 taller than Neato’s Botvac.

However, this is a very good home cleaner packed with so many industry-leading technologies so that it functions independently without needing your physical presence. The design is quite different from the usual robotic vacuum designs we see often; Dyson 360 Eye is much capable to clean the floors very effectively that nothing is left on it. All the dirt, debris, pollen, pet hairs, etc. will be suctioned by this vacuuming robot, leaving you with a sparkling neat floor.

Having the Dyson 360 Eye at home leaves you assured that you’d meet a clean, neat home when you return from work or travel. The way it navigates is quite impressive; moves smoothly without colliding with any equipment or furniture in the house.

Most interestingly, the robot can be controlled from the owner’s smartphone virtually from anywhere. With that said, it means, you could trigger the bot to work from anywhere you are. The only requirement is that you’d have to download/install the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. Also, the app is available across the two most popular mobile OS (iOS and Android).

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Quick features

  • Works with Amazon Echo
  • 7 times weekly schedule
  • Distinctive design/aesthetics
  • 360o eye vision navigation system
  • HEPA filtration
  • Radial Root Cyclone technology
  • Full-length brush bar

Specifications of Dyson 360 Eye

Weight 6.6pounds approx.
Dimensions 9 x 4.72 x 9.5 inches (W x H x L) 
Finish Gray/Blue 
Bin capacity 0.33 liters 
Mobile app supportYes, Android and iOS 
Battery run-time 45 minutes 
Time until full charge 2 hours 30 minutes 
Battery type lithium-ion 
Doorsill crossingup to 1.5 cm
Shipping weight9.3 pounds
Multi-room nav.Yes
Self-charge supportYes 
Hepa filtrationYes
Cliff detection Yes
Edge brushesNot found
Full bin indicator Not available
Scheduling Up to 7x per week
Extra FilterN/A
Warranty2 years from the manufacturer 
PriceSee on Amazon

Dyson 360 Eye Review

The first advantage of this vacuuming robot is that it has a very powerful suction capability; almost twice the suction capability of popular robotic vacuums from other manufacturers. It cleans up the floors with all commitment, ensuring no dirt or debris is left. The Dyson 360 Eye packs a digital motor coupled with high-efficiency technologies for the finest performance. An eye vision mapping system helps the robot to scan through the whole house at a time and generate an obstacle-free path to follow and perform in-depth cleaning.

Not to deny the fact that this robotic vacuum is quite pricey at $999.99, it seems to worth the price judging from the outcome results.


  • Sturdy/premium design 
  • It gets into tight corners and closer to wall edges
  • Utilizes what is believed to be the highest robo vac navigation tech
  • Overall great performance 
  • Reliable and hands-free operation
  • Excellent navigation system


  • The price is very
  • Unnecessarily tall; it can’t seamlessly navigate under most furniture or radiators in the house
  • The battery does not last long even after more than 2 hours of charge

How does the Dyson 360 Eye robotic vacuum function?

It vacuums pretty well, with the help of its high-tech navigation system it maps the whole house and kicks off immediately. The Dyson 360 Eye vacuuming robot will stop at nothing until it is done with an assigned task or the battery runs off. However, it returns to the docking station by itself but takes a whole 2 hours plus to be fully charged.

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This robotic vacuum suctions everything on the floors and does not miss the wall edges or tight corners. Although it may not get under the couch or bed due to the height, it tries its best to delivers a neat surface.

Design and build

One of the things that make people choose a product or gadget over the other ones is the design. Dyson 360 Eye flaunts a premium design you would never want to stop gazing at from time to time. The body is finished with gray and black, well-polished to sparkle at all times. It stylishly stands out among its top competitors due to its unique aesthetics.

Navigation system

The 360o navigation system is very effective in mastering the whole critical points/area in a few seconds. Dyson 360 utilizes this nav. system to perform a commendable cleaning exercise.

Battery and docking

If Dyson didn’t make this robot to feature self-charging function, it would have been knocked off by the market giants. But it does support self-docking feature; it will automatically return to the dock station once the battery is low.

Approximately, it takes this bot about 2 hours and 30 minutes to charge fully but runs for about 45mins which is quite very poor. We have seen robotic vacuums that last more than an hour (60 mins) and yet cheaper than this robo vac.

Hands-free operation

A mobile app allows you to control the robot activities remotely. Whether you are home, work, or out on a meeting/travel, with the app on your phone, you can access and command the cleaner to work. Also, it supports voice control function through Amazon Alexa/Echo.

High-performance brushes

The Dyson 360 Eye unlike the other robotic vacuums in its class/level features a full-width brush that runs from edge to edge. This edge to edge brush allows the robot to cover wider floors at a time that other robovacs. Also, this brush cleans different types of floors including carpets, rugs, and tile floors; it is designed with nylon and carbon fiber bristles.

Digital Motor V2

One thing you can’t fail to mention when writing the Dyson 360 Eye review is the motor packed into the bot. This cleaning robot hides a digital motor V2 insides its hood; it utilizes this fast, powerful motor to generate up to 2x more suction than many other robotic vacuums. Then, in turn, it utilizes the great suction to capture every fine particle or dirt on the floor as it navigates the whole house. Digital Motor V2 is among the latest industry-leading technology we will be expecting more advancement from.

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Scheduled cleaning

You can go out for a whole week and still return to meet a clean house if you scheduled this bot to clean the house at intervals. It does not really need your presence, simply use the schedule button on the robot’s body or use the smartphone app. This intelligent unit is capable to clean your floors every day for the whole week based on the schedule.

So, whether you are afield or near does not matter. With the Dyson 360 Eye, you’ll always meet a neat house when you come back. You colleagues, friends, or co-workers are free to follow you home without having to bother if your house is really clean or not. Dyson takes over the major house cleaning task and does it in a more professional way.

How does Dyson 360 Eye work on various floor types?

You shouldn’t expect this bot to be 100% effective on all floor types. It is normal for the robot to flop on some floors while delivering stunning results on some too. However it is viewed, the Dyson 360 Eye works really great on carpet floors, rugs, bare floor, hard floors, and other types too. But its best performance is on the carpet floors and smooth hard floors.

Wrap Up and Verdict on the Dyson 360 review

Possibly, this is the most extensive Dyson 360 review you’ll find on the internet. It covers everything you need to know about this intelligent, smart cleaning robot manufactured by Dyson. Busy homeowners can shift their home cleaning tasks to the 360 Eye robot, it will confidently handle it with all pleasure.

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