Eufy vs Roomba: Testing Two Affordable Robot Vacuums

In the Eufy vs Roomba, we have listed and explained the key difference between the Eufy and Roomba. All you need o about the two devices is here

You’re probably here because you want to familiarize yourself with robotic vacuums. However, if you are on a tight budget or don’t want to do everything now, you may not know which one to choose. If you start with robotic vacuums, you’ve probably heard of the affordable iRobot Roomba 675.

What you may not know, however, is the China-based Eufy RoboVac 11+. Another economic vacuum that critics say will overthrow the king of autonomous loopholes. How does the Eufy compare to the Roomba 675?

In this article, I’ll cover all of the features and options for each model. We’ll look at the pros and cons and compare the two robots side by side. I’ll also break down the features so you know what they do and even answer your most common questions.

Next, let’s find out what the best budget robotic vacuum is. If you don’t want to read all of this, here are the essentials:

The Roomba 675 is the better option, albeit a close one. If you can afford it, take it from the Eufy RoboVac 11+.

Update: Eufy has a new version of RoboVac 11+ called RoboVac 15c. The main difference is that the 15c has WiFi connectivity and a slightly stronger suction power than the 11+.

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This is a better vacuum than the 11+, but I would choose the Roomba 675 for its reliability (considering there isn’t a huge difference in price).

After testing 14 robotic vacuums over the past three years, I’ve found the Eufy RoboVac 11S to be the best for most people because of its affordability, quietness, and powerful suction. Premium Roomba vacuums (over $ 500) are great, but the Roomba 600 series (614, 650, 675, 690) doesn’t compete with the Eufy 11S.

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I’ll explain how I came to my conclusion by comparing two robotic vacuums (Eufy RoboVac 11S and Roomba 675) and rating five categories: navigation, vacuuming, software, design, and company reputation.

Eufy vs Roomba

In the Eufy vs Roomba comparison we are going to list the differences an similarities between the Eufy and Roomba.

Eufy RoboVac 11S


Duration of two hours. You don’t get stuck often, but you have to create barriers with everyday objects.


In my staged tests, Eufy picked up 33% more dirt from the carpet and 60% more from the hardwood.


It’s the thinnest, lightest, and quietest robot I’ve ever tested.


There is no app or integration for the smart home. Programming must be done with the remote control.

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Roomba 675


One hour running time. You can add virtual walls for $ 40 each to keep Roomba out of problem areas.


In actual cleaning cycles, Roomba always comes out with less dirt than Eufy.


It’s the loudest, hardest, and thickest to maintain, and it doesn’t have a remote control.


The Roomba 675 and 690 have Alexa and Google functions as well as excellent programming.

To find our more on this vacuum, see on Amazon

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What is the difference between Eufy and Roomba?

To be an inexpensive robotic vacuum cleaner, you need to limit functionality or make changes to the current options. How do these two differ in this regard?

  • The Eufy has a HEPA filter; Roomba uses the AeroVac filter, which is not HEPA certified.
  • The Roomba is larger and weighs more than two pounds than the Eufy.
  • Roomba has a faster battery charge time but shorter run time than the RoboVac 11+.
  • The Roomba 675 can be controlled via a mobile app, but the Eufy doesn’t.
  • The Eufy RoboVac 11+ does not have voice commands. You can control Roomba with Amazon Alexa.
  • The Roomba has WiFi functions where the Eufy only needs a remote control or buttons on the robot.
  • The Eufy 11+ offers a performance boost for heavily polluted areas. Roomba doesn’t.
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Eufy vs Roomba – Comparison?

Robots are not that different from us; They are also individuals who have a lot in common. These are the similarities these two robots share.

  • Both robots use lithium-ion batteries.
  • Each model uses rotating brushes to remove dirt and debris from the floor.
  • The Eufy and Roomba have side brushes to help maintain the edges and corners.
  • Both have acoustic sensors and fall sensors to keep them on course.
  • Every vacuum cleaner can be programmed for cleaning cycles.
  • Both use a three-stage cleaning system.
  • Both are automatically charged when the batteries are empty.
  • You can force anyone to sign in even if the cleanup doesn’t complete.

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Wait, what about the “+” in 11+?

Eufy switched from the Model 11 to the 11+ and made only two changes: filtration and suction. While that doesn’t seem like a huge plus, I want to walk you through these differences and what they mean to anyone looking to buy a Eufy.

Filter first. As you will read in the next article, the Eufy 11+ can use a certified HEPA filter. It comes with two additional high-performance reusable filters. The base model 11 did not have HEPA filter functions.

The other change was the power boost, as explained below. The 11+ has the additional power to increase the suction power if necessary. The base model 11 did not offer this power boost technology.

Overall, the 11+ is a much better version and for the same price.

Eufy vs Roomba: Editor’s recommendation


If you’re looking for the quietest, thinnest, most efficient robot for less than $ 300, get the Eufy 11S. It works best on any type of floor and lasts longer than Roomba. Unfortunately, Eufy doesn’t have app programming or smart assistant integration like the Roomba 675 and 690.

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Get Roomba 675 if you are looking for the most reliable brand of robots or if you need smart assistant integration. The Roomba 600 series offers terrible value as Eufy is more efficient and costs at least $ 50 less.


Both models are effective floor cleaners. For those on a tight budget or want to see how robotic vacuums work for you, one of these options is a good introduction.

If you have allergy problems or suffer from heavily soiled areas, buy the Eufy RoboVac 11+. With its Power Boost technology, the Eufy could be a great option for you.

However, if you’re looking for the tried and true name behind your computer or love the idea of ​​smart home integration with mobile apps and voice commands, the Roomba 675 is probably your best option.

For my money, the Roomba 675 is the best option. It is better at navigation and has no obstacle height restriction like the Eufy. Mobile and voice commands are easy to use and the company supports its products.


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