How to use a Vax Carpet Shampooer

This article will help you to fully understand how to how to use a Vax Carpet Shampooer like a pro, and clean your carpet thoroughly.

The Vax Carpet Shampooer has been developed to make cleaning your carpets as efficient as possible. These instructions will help you get the most out of your machine.

Make sure to read the safety precautions in the owner’s manual before using your Platinum Power Max for the first time. Always test all carpets/upholstery before full use. Run the carpet washer over a small, hidden area. If the battery is not damaged or deformed, continue cleaning.

Your Vax Carpet Shampooer works magically deep into the fibres of your carpet, helping to remove stains and leaving your floors soft, clean and fragrant. It’s a valuable spill and accident clean-up tool and fits easily into your regular cleaning routine. Washing every 6 to 8 months will not only keep your carpets clean and smell fresh, but also extend their lifespan and avoid expensive replacement costs.

How to use a Vax Carpet Shampooer: Getting started

Before using a Vax Carpet Shampooer, there are several things you can do to prepare for proper carpet cleaning.

Clear the area as much as possible so that you can navigate your home quickly and easily.

Before you start washing the carpet, vacuum the area quickly to remove any surface debris, as this will help keep the carpet cleaner from clogging.

Fill the pure water tank of your carpet cleaner with lukewarm water (max. 40 ° C) and cleaning solution. We recommend Platinum Professional Carpet Cleaning Solution, our most powerful carpet washing solution.

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Now you’re ready to go, as we show you how to use a Vax Carpet Shampooer

Tip: always plan your route. For best practices, start at the back corner and work your way up to the door.

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Before you proceed, take this opportunity to check your carpet for stains and stains. They can benefit from preprocessing with the Vax preprocessing wand that comes with the Vax Platinum Power Max.

  • Add the Vax pre-treatment solution to the clean water tank.
  • Plugin the wand and turn on the machine.
  • The wand creates a fine mist that is placed on the mark or spot.
  • Leave it on your rug for 15 minutes, then wash the rug completely.

Wash the carpet

  • Turn on the carpet cleaner.
  • Walk with him slowly and hold the trigger. The cleaning solution is released into the pile and the rotating brush rod moves the fibres and ensures thorough cleaning.
  • Let go of the trigger and drag the carpet cleaner over the area you just cleaned. When you remove the carpet cleaner, it sucks everything into the recovery tank and keeps it separate from the clean water.
  • Move back and forth smoothly and more slowly than with a normal vacuum. Repeat up to four times in the same area and walk across the room.
  • To get your carpets as dry as possible, use more dry passes (pulling back with the trigger released) than wet passes.
  • The Vax Platinum Power Max comes with a hose and upholstery tool that you can use to clean not only your carpets, but your sofas, stairs, car seats and legs as well. Plug it in and off you go. Make sure your carpets and other surfaces don’t get too wet!
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How to use a Vax Carpet Shampooer: Post-treatment

Now that your carpet is clean, it’s time to dry it. The Platinum Power Max quick cleaning mode dries carpets in less than an hour *. When it’s hot and summery outside, open the windows and ventilate the room with fresh air. If it’s too cold for that, turn on the central heating for a few hours to help the drying process.

Empty the water tanks on your carpet cleaner and keep it safe for next time.

When everything is done, buy yourself a well-made cup of tea and relax! You have reached carpet perfection.

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General information on how to use a Vax Carpet Shampooer and other carpet cleaners

Vax Carpet Shampooer and other carpet cleaners ensure thorough cleaning to freshen up your carpet and neutralize persistent odours. Using even the most powerful traditional vacuum cleaner does not remove all of the hidden dirt and dust that is deep in your carpets to make them look and smell clean. Because carpet cleaners use hot water and brushes to penetrate deeply into the fibres of the carpet, they can scrub even the toughest gravel and dirt odours. You will be amazed how dirty the water is, even on the cleanest carpets.

Bissell carpet cleaners clean the fibres of your carpet or carpet thoroughly, thoroughly and thoroughly. Stains and odours disappear, the original colour returns, and after a few minutes you will see your carpet come to life. They have carpet cleaners to treat stains and stains in bedrooms and entire homes. Karcher carpet cleaners ensure hygienic cleaning of carpets, upholstery, mattresses, textile wall coverings and car seats. Karcher Carpet Cleaner spray RM 519 detergent dissolved in water deep into the fibres and then vacuum the product together with the loosened floor. Grease, dirt and odours are effectively removed, which is ideal for allergy sufferers and households with pets.

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With the Rug Doctor machine, carpet cleaners from Rug Doctor breathe new life into your carpets and upholstery. Vacuum cleaners can’t remove all of the dust, dirt, and allergens that lurk in your carpet. However, Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner can reach the deepest layers of your carpet to freshen up your home. Vax carpet cleaners clean your carpets many times better than a high-performance vacuum cleaner. In combination with the Vax Platinum solution, up to 93% of bacteria are thoroughly cleaned and removed so that carpets stay clean and smell fresh. Portable carpet cleaners are significantly less bulky and heavy than their upright counterparts. This means it is easy to store and can be quickly removed in an emergency in the event of a spill.

Steam mops are versatile and are perfect for cleaning all types of floors, including laminate and sealed hardwood. They can also attack tiles as they can remove grout. They only use water, which they turn into steam. Vacuum cleaners are always the device of choice for cleaning your carpet, and the Henry Hoover remains a favourite.

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