iLife V3s Review: Read this before you buy

Here is a comprehensive iLife V3s review article for you. This bot is a mid-range robotic vacuum with a slim but sleek body structure, it packs quite a lot of sensors plus strong battery. iLife v3s can work independently for a couple of hours, ensuring your whole home is properly clean from any kind of dirt and debris. This unit comes with up to 4 automatic cleaning modes (auto clean, spot clean, edge clean, and schedule clean.) and can possibly take care of your pet hair.

Just like other modern robotic vacuums – the v3s comes with a remote control for effective ease of access.

Quick features of the iLife V3s robotic vacuum

  1. HEPA filter
  2. Remote control
  3. Wet and dry mop function
  4. 4-cleaning modes
  5. It packs quite a lot of sensors
  6. Works on almost any type of floor
  7. A perfect ideal for hardwood floor
  8. It comes with support for pet hairs
  9. Low-profile design


Auto recharge supportyes
Scheduled cleaningYes
Remote Control Supported
Cleaning modes4 cleaning modes
Mopping Yes – wet and dry mopping support
Navigation Smooth and easy
Tangle-free brushesyes
Pet hair careYes (hard floor)
Battery Li-ion
Run-timeUp to 110 minutes
Dust-bin size0.3L

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  • Supports both wet and dry mopping function
  • Relatively cheap and affordable
  • Ultra-slim low profile design
  • Its smart sensors help to prevent the bot from dropping off the stairs and other high profile edges.
  • Pet hair care support
  • Remote control


  • Suction power not strong enough
  • No virtual wall to restrict the bot movements

iLife V3s Review 

When you purchased the iLife V3s, you save yourself a whole lot of money and still gain almost everything you wished for in a modern robotic vacuum. This unit is specially designed to handle all the cleaning tasks in your home or office.

The v3s robotic vacuum comes with up to 14 sensors, 4 cleaning modes, a remote control, and also a HEPA Filter. It is a perfect option for anyone looking out for a robotic vacuum which would work efficiently on hardwood floors.

Unlike the virtual walls or no go lines we may find in iRobot Roomba Vacuums and Neato Vacuums, this unit does not include any technology feature that restricts its movement within the environment it is assigned to clean.

This bot detects large obstacles but occasionally bump into minor obstacles like furniture bases or other light obstacles in the home. Therefore, it is advisable for the owner of this robot to clear off any light obstacle within the area this robotic vacuum would be working on.

iLife v3s robotic vacuum can detect drop off points, but some owners of the bot have complained of their unit dropping off from the stairs via online reviews on different platforms.

Finally, although with some limitations, the iLife v3s robotic vacuum is still a classic bot to consider when next you visit the market to get yourself an independent cleaning bot.

Detailed features

Up to 4 Cleaning Modes:

This model from iLife comes with 4 stages of cleaning which includes; auto clean, spot clean, edge clean and schedule clean. The edge cleaning option works most on wall edges, the spot clean function tells the bot to specially concentrate on an area with heavy dirt and clean it to sparkle like the surrounding floor. Also, the schedule clean option is used to schedule the bot to work at certain times even while you are on the go.

Low noise features

There is usually a specific feature that causes a product, goods, or even a person stand out from the crowd. iLife v3s  is almost noiseless while in operation – unlike other robotic vacuums that have their noise level above 57 db, this bot’s noise level is below 57 db and as such would not disturb you while it’s cleaning the house; you could even be sleeping comfortably while it goes to work.

Ease of access and use:

iLife made it easy for you to control the piece of intelligent bot. You just simply select the type of cleaning you want and the bot goes about to deliver an effective result.

Remote control feature

The v3s comes with a remote control which can be used to send commands to the robot. With the remote control, you can possibly control this robotic vacuum from a considerable far distance. You can also choose/select any of the 4 cleaning modes supported by this robotic vacuum via the remote control.

Suitable for your Pet hair

This is another feature aspect where the iLife V3s stands out from other robotic vacuums within its range manufactured by other companies/brands. It does a perfect job cleaning your pet hairs and grimes on the floor. The v3s moves silently around the house gathering your pet hairs and storing them in the top bin – it does this on any type of floor, so you probably have nothing to worry about.

14 smart sensors

Like stated earlier in this article, the iLife V3s robotic vacuum comes with a total of 14 sensors which it uses to function in order to deliver a near perfect result better than its counterparts.

Sleek and stunning design

The body design of this robotic vacuum is truly sleek and enticing – it seems to be specially designed home owners or families who have pets around the house. It flaunts a slim body design specially crafted for easy navigation under the chairs, tables, beds, and other furniture in the house.

Wet and Dry Mopping Function

iLife v3s is capable of handling tiled floors by vacuuming and mopping them. It supports both dry and wet mopping, so you’d probably have more time to spend with friends, colleagues or your family while this robot goes around the home cleaning everywhere.

Easy to operate

No one likes a device that is not easy to operate, I personally detest such gadget or device. Well, the iLife V3s is simple and easy; simply press any of the buttons on the body of the robot and it goes off straight to do what you have commanded it to do. The remote control is also there to make things easier for you.

Edge cleaning support

Any robotic vacuum that lacks this feature/function is not an option at all. This feature lets the robot to go closer to the walls of your home and perform deep cleaning on the edges leaving your home walls to sparkle at all time,

Automatic Docking

Whenever the V3s sensors that the battery is running low, it automatically returns to the docking station and recharges itself, getting ready for another task.

Scheduled cleaning

Finally, this piece of smart bot is capable of keeping your home clean even when you are afield. You can schedule the robot to work at a specific time.

Conclusion on the iLife V3s review

The iLife V3s is a robotic vacuum you should consider to have. It comes with quite a lot of modern features and delivers a good job.

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