iLife V7s Review and Specs unboxed

Looking for a thorough iLife V7S review? You’ve come to the right place. I’m going to review everything about this vacuum right now. Probably, you may have been wishing to vacuum your house, but because it is usually stressful, you keep postponing the date. Well, you don’t need to bother anymore. In this article, we reviewed the iLife V7s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – a cheap, flexible vacuum cleaner suitable for your home.

iLife V7S Overview

The iLife V7s robot is the most recent robotic vacuum from the Chuwi Company (iLife). This specific robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a large dirt bin and water tank unlike other versions from the brand. Also, this unit comes with a highly-effective motorized brush, large microfiber towel, and two filter systems.

If you have been using Robotic vacuum cleaners before now, you should have noticed some flaws in most of them. Some do not deliver effective results and miss some spots will clean the floors, but this is not the case this model from iLife. V7s cleans debris, stains and dirt in multiple rooms and large spaces.

Most robotic vacuums come with low battery capacity and stay in the dock for long before full charge but this unit does not require much time to charge and still lasts longer.

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iLife V7 Review

Equipped with up-to-date features and parts, the iLife V7s vacuum robot can effectively vacuum and mop a large space easily and within a short time frame.

The name iLife is not very popular in the vacuum robot market but their products are currently paving way for the brand to come up on top. This smart tech bot can vacuum and also mop any surface or floor type.

V7s is friendly and versatile; you can also use it for your pet hair and other cleaning tasks in your home or office. The price is considerably cheap compared to other vacuum robots within its range from other companies.

Features of the I-life V7S robotic vacuum cleaner 

iLife V7s key features

  • Anti-collision system
  • Wet and dry mopping
  • HEPA filter
  • Low noise frequency (estimated about 50dB)
  • Air drop avoidance system
  • 0.45 litre water tank and 0.5 litre dirt bin
  • Up to 400pa suction power
  • 120 to 140 minutes run time
  • Automatic and manual cleaning

Detailed Features

Smart Cleaner feature

iLife V7s robotic vacuum cleaner is very smart and intelligent. It dodges obstacles and avoids collision with your furniture or items in the environment it is working on, this is possible due to an inbuilt collision avoidance system packed into the device. 

i-Dropping Technology

The iDropping technology minimizes water consumption and helps the bot to perform a thorough wet cleaning on the floors. It also helps to prevent mechanical overload and floor damage.

V7s Pro water tank stops dispensing water as soon as the robot stops at any spot for mopping.

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Smart dustbin detector

The smart dustbin detection technology in this unit alerts you when the dustbin is not properly installed to prevent the robot from sucking in dirt which may cause mechanical damage to the system of the robot.


Multiple cleaning modes

Most robotic vacuums come with a 3-stage cleaning feature but this unit comes with 4 cleaning modes- that’s a big boost indeed. V7s vacuum robot features 4 cleaning modes which are specially designed to suit various needs. The modes include

  • Auto mode for automatic cleaning
  • Edge mode for effective wall-edge cleaning
  • Spot mode for deeper cleaning of specific areas or spots on the floors.
  • Schedule cleaning mode – this lets you schedule the bot to clean up the home at certain times, even at your absence.
Auto Docking and Recharge function.

iLife V7s automatically returns to the docking center, recharges itself and continues cleaning from where it stopped earlier. This means you don’t really have to monitor the bot for any reason at all.

Smart sensors

What makes a robotic vacuum a perfect option/choice for homeowners is its sensors. This unit detects obstacles, drop off areas and diverts its movement in order not to crash on the obstacle which may cause the robot to start malfunctioning or totally get damaged.

Easy Navigation

The V7s easily navigates under the furniture and other low-based equipment in the home, thanks to its sleek and slender body structure.

Sleek Design and Structure

Normally, no one would like to purchase an item, equipment or gadget that doesn’t appear nice on sight. V7s vacuum robot is designed to look very attractive and appealing; everyone that sights the robot will definitely want to stare at it for quite long before leaving the spot.

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Long lasting battery

If your vacuum robot does not stay up for a longer period of time, you’d definitely not be happy with it and wish for another. But with the iLife V7s vacuum robot, you’d never think of going for another robotic vacuum cleaner, except for an upgraded version of it whenever the company releases such.


Suction Power600Pa
Battery Capacity2600mAh
Cleaning radius80 – 220m2
Dust bin capacity500ml
Water Tank Capacity450ml
Full charge time300min
Up time140min
Noise Level<60dB
Dimensions13.39 x 3.15inches
FilterHEPA filter
Misc2 Side Brushes, Mop, etc.

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Final thoughts and conclusion on the iLife V7S review

This is really a good vacuum robot for your home as you can see from this iLife V7S review. It features almost all the latest artificial intelligence technologies needed for a more effective cleaning. The price is also very considerable and affordable for everyone.

iLife V7s has two variants – the V7s and the V7s Pro. This review is based on the pro version variant.

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