IRobot Braava 380t Review

In this iRobot Braava 380t review article, I’ll like to introduce the gadget first. This is a solid mopping bot that handles your day-to-day floor mopping tasks. It is packed with smart technologies and operates in a stunning intelligent manner.

Everyone loves a clean home and detest a dirty environment. But maintaining a steady clean and neat floor requires you practically keep up with mopping which can be much stress for a career homeowner or an employee. Here is where you may need the help of a mopping robot like the iRobot Braava 380t, which would work tirelessly and make sure your home floors are always sparkling clean.

IRobot Braava 380t – overview

The iRobot Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot comes with a smart navigation technology that functions as an indoor GPS to guide the robot through a well-determined cleaning part. There are two cleaning modes to choose from when you are using the Braava 380t bot: dry sweep mode and damp mop mode. Either of the modes will still deliver a clean floor as an end result. 

This iRobot’s mopping robot works almost on all hard surfaces using the provided cleaning cloths. It equally has a low-profile height as the iRobot’s Roomba vacuum cleaners; with just a 3.1inches height. So, it can meander under most beds, furniture, and kickboards.

Without saying much, for now, let’s get into the topic of today – iRobot Braava 380t Review. In this review article, we’ll be detailing all the features of this gadget with the PROs and CONs.

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iRobot Braava 380t Review – Specifications of the bot

TypeMopping Robot
Dimensions9.6 x 8.5 x 3.1 inches
Weight8.11 lbs
Battery typeLi-Ion
Run-timeLong lasting (4 hours on dry mode and 2 hours on wet mopping mode)
Navigation technologyNorthstar Navigation
Smart connectivity (remote/wifi access)No 
Floor compatibilityAll hard floors
Cleaning material


Reusable microfiber cleaning cloths – 2 available

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  • The battery lasts pretty long
  • Whisper-Quiet technology
  • Serves as a wet or dry mopping bot
  • Turbo Charge Cradle
  • Low profile design lets the robot move freely under kickboards and beds


  • The robot cannot be scheduled to mop at certain times 
  • It does not support the self-charging feature, the owner has to carry it to the dock station manually.
  • Slightly expensive

Detailed features of Braava 380t mopping bot

Design and aesthetics

Looking at the appearance of iRobot Braava 380t, it appears unique and classy. The polished black coating made the gadget looks very much pretty and premium; it will simply complement your existing home décor.

Unlike Roombas, this model has a rectangular shaped body structure and looks quite sturdy. The design is such that every homeowner will welcome without issues.

Navigation and sensors

Roomba uses iAdapt navigation and Braava uses the NorthStar navigation system. This navigation used by the Braava bot acts as in indoor GPS system that guides the robot’s movement; it has to be powered on each time you want the robot to mop the floors.

The Northstar navigation system is very efficient; having more than one NorthStar nav. Cube would definitely improve how your Braava bot moves around the house, especially when it is a big house. The unit is also packed with good sensors for a better and more effective cleaning performance.

Also, the NorthStar Navigation Cube propels virtual signals meant to be utilized by Braava 308t to determine its location. Furthermore, as the robot cleans, it still maintains these signals sent by the NorthStar cube to create a map of the area, detect obstacles and drop-offs as it closes them.

In a simple and smart way, Braava 380t finds its way to every room and locations of the house mopping the floors to perfection.

Two cleaning modes

Braava 380t offers two cleaning modes which are – dry sweep mode and damp mop mode. In dry sweep mode, the robot moves back and forth in a straight-forward line to pick up dirt, dust, and hairs on the floor.

In damp mop mode, the robot moves in a special back and forth method and initiates a deeper clean that gets off strong dirt and grimes off your floors.

Cleaning Pads

This unit comes with some detachable magnetic cleaning pads which you can swiftly attach and detach from the bottom of the robot to place a cleaning cloth beneath.

It also includes a Pro-Clean Reservoir Pad for damp mopping together with a Multi-Purpose Cleaning Pad for dry mopping as freebies from iRobot on the purchase of Braava 380t. 

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths 

Braava 380t is packed with two reusable microfiber cleaning cloths; usually a white and blue mopping cloth. The white mopping clothe is for dry sweeping mode while the blue cleaning cloth is for damp mopping mode. 

Both of these microfiber cloths can be washed over and over again and reuse as many times as possible. 

Docking and charging

Unfortunately, the Braava 980t does not support the self-charging feature. You would have to manually dock and charge the robot. However, it charges very fast, much faster than the Roomba robotic vacuums. The Turbo-Charge Cradle boosts the charging process of Braava 380t – it gets fully charged in just 2 hours while it lasts for a couple of hours (4 hours on dry mode and 2 hours on wet mopping mode). 

Ease of access/usage

Using the Braava 380t doesn’t really require you read the manual, although it is advisable to do so. Every button you need to send commands to the robot is readily available on its body. Simply press each respective button and send your Braava 380t robot to work instantly.

IRobot Braava 380t Review

Now, here’s our experience with iRobot Braava 380t, it is a pretty intelligent robot with good performance rate. It works on all hard-surface floors, not excluding tiled floors, hardwood, hardwood, laminate, etc. The two available cleaning modes are just perfect for home floor mopping; you simply choose the one you want at the moment. 

Well, we did not like the fact that this pretty gadget cannot be scheduled just like Roomba vacuums. It would be a big improvement if iRobot initiates this feature on the next model they’ll be releasing to the market.

Also, if this gadget had come with a remote control access or smartphone app integration, then, it’ll just be the very best Robotic Mopping Mop at the price. The overall performance of this bot is applauding and the navigation is seamless; more NorthStar cubes assures of more swift navigation in large homes.

Final words on the IRobot Braava 380t Review 

Conclusively, looking at the price offered, we’ll recommend this mopping bot for every homeowner. It is smart, intelligent, diligent, and durable. So, if you have decided to own a robotic mopping gadget, this iRobot Braava 380t review can act as your solid guide to getting the best one for your home.

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