Irobot Roomba 650 review

Old but still vibrant and relevant, Roomba 650 is a classic robotic vacuum for homeowners. When talking about robotic vacuums, the name Roomba can never be missed out. Roomba robotic vacuums are durable, versatile, and packed with great technologies.

This Irobot Roomba 650 review is a comprehensive review article of this Roomba robotic vacuum model, detailing the features, pros, cons, and specifications. This robotic vacuum will save you a lot of money and still serve effectively for the purpose.

Meet the Roomba 650 vacuuming robot

Although among the oldest model of Roomba vacuuming robots, this model still proves relevant in our homes. The robots’ body is oval-shaped and it has a cool, comfortable design. Roomba 650 cleans all kinds of floor types; carpets, tiles, rugs, hardwood, laminate, etc.

Even when you are on a tight schedule, this robotic vacuum will handle your home cleaning tasks without your actual presence; it can be scheduled to clean up to 7 times per week.

Robotic vacuums are more relevant and comfortable to use than traditional or manual home cleaners because they do not require your presence to perform their duties.


  • Good navigation system; it gets over obstacles than its counterparts
  • Works on bare floors
  • Picks up pet hairs, allergens, dirt, and debris
  • It is easy to dispose the dustbin contents
  • Durable and long battery life


  • This is an old model so it lacks a lot of the new and interesting features of the newer/latest models
  • It is quite noisy when in operation

Roomba 650 review – Specifications

Patented 3-Stage Cleaning SystemSupported – the robot picks up everything
Brushesedge-sweeping brush and dual multi-surface brushes
Vacuum SuctionYes – it suctions everything
Automatic dockingYes but does not resume after charging
Multi-Surface CleaningYes
NavigationUses iAdapt nav. tech with a full suite of sensors
SensorsCliff detector, dirt detect sensor
HEPA filtersNo
Remote control supportNo
Smart connectedNo
Multi-Room NavigationYes
SchedulingYes, 7x per week
Virtual wall barriersYes
PriceSee on Amazon
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Why buy Roomba 650?

At the price, Roomba 650 is a very good vacuum to use; it vacuums very well and is versatile. It beats other robotic vacuums at its level in terms of its cleaning capabilities and features. Roomba 650 also picks up pet hairs and it gets closer to wall edges. It will concentrate more on dirtier surfaces and ensure your whole home is very clean, free from any kind of dirt.

When the battery of this robot runs down, it automatically finds its way back to the docking station to recharge its system. You’ll still benefit a lot using this old Roomba robotic vacuum model.

Features of Roomba 650

Design and build

The Roomba 650 is built with a solid alloy material which makes it last longer than most other robotic vacuums. It flaunts an oval-shaped body structure with the command buttons properly arranged on its surface. This robotic vacuum looks interesting; the design is such that will complement your home décor.

Roomba 650 is built with a low-profile design which allows it to seamlessly get under the beds, sofas, and other furnitures’ in the house while cleaning the floors.


It comes with an earlier version of the default iAdapt nav. System packed into Roomba vacuums. This robotic vacuum navigates very well in a house; it maps the whole assigned area and follows a simple route to clean up the whole place.

Roomba 650 almost does not hit on obstacles in the house even with the outdated navigation system it packs. Although it moves randomly, it cleans the floors assigned to it effectively.

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Sensors included

This robotic vacuum model comes with cliff detector sensor, dirt detector sensor, and some other important set of sensors which it utilizes to carry out an effective cleaning on any kind of floors. The cliff detector sensor observes the stairs and high profile floors and in turn, prevents the robot from getting close to these points to avoid falling off which may lead to damages.

Dirt detector sensor means that Roomba 650 concentrates more on dirtier surfaces and cleans them perfectly without leaving a spot. Unfortunately, there is no full bin detector sensor included in this model set of sensors. So, the owners would manually check the robot’s bin in intervals to know when it should be emptied.

Cleaning capabilities

Surprisingly, the Roomba 650 works on types of floors; it automatically adjusts to clean each floor type it encounters on its assigned environment. You’d love to hear that Roomba 650 robotic vacuum picks up pet hairs, large debris, dirt, allergens, and also handle dust.

We can say the Roomba 650 the really versatile, not all robotic vacuums within its class does all these functions. IRobot really showed us the reason why they are the best robotic vacuums manufacturer.

Virtual barrier wall

This virtual wall is what guides the movement of the robot all through the house or a given environment. It prevents the robot from crossing over to the restricted part so it does not clean the area. Virtual walls are important when you have delicate tools or dedicated corners you do not want to be trespassed or tampered with. Roomba 650 will never cross the virtual lines marked by the virtual barrier walls; this way, you can control the robot to work only on common areas in the house.


Here’s another feature that would make you love the 650 robot. It can be scheduled to clean up to 7 times per week. Once you have set a cleaning schedule, just press the big clean button at the center of the robots’ body and it will cause the robot to clean up the floors every day of the week. This operation and be continued every week till when there is no need for it again.

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Battery and docking

The 650 bot supports a self-charging feature; this means the robot automatically returns to the dock station once the battery is low on power. While this model is capable of recharging itself, it does not resume function after a full charge; the owner has to manually send it to complete the previous task.


Roomba 650 comes with good accessories like; spinning side brush, bristle brush, and a flexible brush. It utilizes these set of brushes to clean up the floors and wall edges effectively.

The dual-multi surface brushes help to ensure the robot does not miss a spot while cleaning the floors.

Roomba 650 Review

For the price offered, Roomba 650 is a good robotic vacuum you can trust to handle your home cleaning tasks. It saves you a lot of money and still offers a satiable service.

Even though with its local and outdated technologies, this robotic vacuum cleans all kinds of floor types effectively. It sometimes collides with obstacles but not most often, the navigation is quite good considering the versions of its technologies. The auto-docking feature reduces the frequency of carrying the robot around the house.

Conclusion on the Irobot Roomba 650 Review

One of the biggest disadvantages faced by the owners of this bot is the lack of full bin sensor; this will require the owner to check the bot often to see when the bin is full and ready to be emptied.

In all, the irobot  Roomba 650 is a budget-friendly robotic vacuum.

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