iRobot Roomba 890 Review

iRobot vacuums are set of intelligent vacuum cleaners that functions independently and come with a set of high-end technology features. This model we are going to review in this article – Roomba 890 is a professional vacuum robot that can handle all the cleaning tasks in your home.

With the Roomba 890 at your disposal, your whole home is sure to be clean from dirt, pet hairs, debris, and allergens at all time. Here is a comprehensive roomba 890 review.

iRobot Roomba 890 Vacuum Robot

This is the only vacuum robot among the Roomba 800 series with wifi connectivity. This gives it an edge over the others. Roomba 890 comes with HEPA filters and uses an advanced version of iAdapt navigation tech to function.

It is capable of cleaning up your whole home and will automatically dock and recharge itself when the battery is low. The Roomba 890 is packed with a solid Li-ion battery that can last up to 60 minutes after a full charge.

Also, you can schedule this unit to clean up the house for up to 7 times per week using the iRobot home mobile app. Lastly, this vacuum robot is compatible with Amazon Voice Assistant (Alexa) and Google Voice Assistant (OK Google).


  • Wireless connectivity support and voice control function
  • Packed with advanced HEPA filters
  • Perfect for pet hair treatment 
  • Works on all types/kinds of floors


  • Price is unnecessarily high
  • No remote control support

Specifications of Roomba 890

Dimensions13 x 13 x 3.6 inches
Weight8.4 pounds
NavigationiAdapt Nav. Tech
Run-time60 minutes
Cleaning tech3-stage patented cleaning system
Suction5x suction power
Remotes accessVia iRobot mobile app and voice assistants
PriceSee on Amazon
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Roomba 890 Review

Here, we’ll discuss in detail the features of this premium vacuum robot.

The Design

This unit flaunts a unique and special design with well button arrangements. Although iRobot maintained the same old button arrangement found on the Roomba 600 series. Roomba 890 comes with a dark gray and black finish which makes it look matured in an oval-shaped body.

Cleaning and Navigation features

The Roomba 890 comes with an advanced iAdapt navigation system, which helps to guide the robot all through the rooms in a house without having to stumble or bump into obstacles which may result in damages.

It also features the traditional patented 3-stage cleaning system offered by iRobot. So, this unit is capable of picking up even the tiniest dirt or pet hair on your floors. Packed with powerful 5x suction, the Roomba 890 works effectively on carpets, rugs, and other high piled or hard floors.

Also, the HEPA filters included in this model helps to assure a more effective cleaning by suctioning everything that comes its way.

Docking capabilities

As expected of a professional vacuum robot, Roomba 890 auto-recharges once the power is low. The owner of this robot vacuum will need not to worry as this robot can take care of itself.

Virtual Barriers and cliff detector

There are some other advanced navigation control technologies added to this model of Roomba vacuums. This unit comes with two virtual barriers which restrict the robot’s movement into some certain areas in a room or given environment.

These virtual wall barriers are included in your purchase kit when you buy the Roomba 890 from a reputable online store.

 Also, a cliff detector is attached to this robot vacuum model; this prevents the robot from falling off the stairs and other high-profile areas in the house.

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Not all robotic vacuums are good in picking up pet hairs. So, if you have a pet at home, you should go for a vacuum robot capable of sweeping off pet hairs.

With the tangle-free dual multi-surface brushes coupled with advanced HEPA filter packed by this robotic vacuum, it is very perfect in picking up pet hairs. The high-efficiency filter picks up 99% of pollen, allergens, tiny particles, pet hairs, etc. Roomba 890 is among the best pet hair robot vacuums you can get at this moment.

Battery and run-time

The battery of this gadget lasts pretty long compared to the other models of Roomba vacuums and its counterparts from other brands. It lasts for about 60 minutes (1 hour) after a full charge, and remember, this gadget auto-recharges itself once the battery is detected low by the system.

So, you can trigger the robot to work while you go about doing your regular day-to-day activities. You can even go afield or hang out with friends and when you are back; your home will sparkle neat, free from any kind of dirt.

Overall Cleaning Performance

If what you need is a versatile vacuum cleaner that can handle the entire expected cleaning tasks at the home, then, picking this model is not a bad idea at all. Roomba 890 is a wall edge cleaning expert; it cleans off dirt from your wall edges.

It also navigates under the furniture to clean up the floors deeply. iRobot packed this model with a dirt detector sensor which makes it possible for the robot to focus more on areas/floors with much dirt. You’ll love this gadget more due to the ease of access technologies added to it, which makes it possible for the owner to communicate with the robot with any physical touch.


While the price attached to this model is considered to be very high, it still offers a great value for the price. When weighed with its counterparts and other Roomba vacuum from the same 800 series, you’ll discover that this model stands out from the crowd.

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Maintenance and care frequency

Every gadget/product/device requires routine maintenance practices to last longer. This is also applicable to the Roomba 890 although does not require much maintenance practices.

You must endeavor to empty the bin after each successfully cleaning, while the filter and brushes can be visited one in while.

Verdict on the Roomba 890 Review 

For the price given, this is an excellent robotic for every buoyant homeowner. It is quite versatile and comes with a limited one-year warranty support on all its parts/accessories.

Roomba 890 is the best vacuum robot in the iRobot’s Roomba 800 series and it is packed with great technologies.  The fact that this device automatically adjusts to work on various floor types gives it an edge over most other Roomba vacuums.

The advanced iAdapt technology and cliff detector sensor helps to ensure the robot does not collide with any furniture or equipment in the house and also prevent it from falling off the stairs.

iRobot’s Roomba 890 cannot basically work on stairs because it does not feature any technology in support of such activity.

Included virtual wall barriers are there to restrict the movements of the robot into some critical points/areas of the house. This is best when you do not want the robot to go in and clean some parts of the house; simply set up the virtual walls at the places you do not want the robot to penetrate and it will surely not penetrate.


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