iRobot Roomba s9+ review and buying guide

 iRobot Roomba s9+ is the robot vacuum that cleans your house, empties its dustbin, and docks at its base while you go about doing other things. This fully automated vacuum cleaner is the latest product of iRobot. It was released 7 months after the Roomba i7+ which was the first robot vacuum to have a self-emptying function. This is a detailed review of the iRobot Roomba s9+.

Introducing the IRobot Roomba s9+

IRobot introduced its first IRobot vacuum cleaner in 2002. Since then, they have continued to advance their robot vacuum cleaners. The iRobot Roomba s9+ is an upgrade to the Roomba i7+. It was released in mid-May 2019 about 7 months after the Roomba i7+

IRobot Roomba s9+ review

The iRobot s9+ is not a new innovation of iRobot but an improvement to the existing model. The Roomba i7+ can perform almost all of its functions. However, this robot has more advantages than any other robot vacuum cleaners out there. According to iRobot, this is the most superior robot vacuum they have produced. They wrote on their website that: “Our smartest, most powerful robot vacuum yet.”

The iRobot Roomba s9+ has a better shape that allows it to access more parts of your house. It has an excellent navigation system and can easily find its way around your house and back to the base. Another great thing about this robot is that it empties its dustbin without any effort from you. This makes it completely autonomous and you don’t have to get dirt on your body trying to empty the dustbin by yourself.

It also comes with more suction power. This gives it the ability to deep clean carpets. It has up to 40x suction when compared to the Roomba 600 series and 4x when compared to the Roomba i7+. It has a wider brush designed to pick up pets hair without the hair getting tangled to the brush. And a modified side brush to clean edges and corners of your house.

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What’s in the Box?

  • IRobot Roomba s9+ Robot Vacuum
  • 1 Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal
  • 2 Dirt Disposal Bags
  • 1 North American Line Cord
  • an Extra High-Efficiency Filter
  • one Corner Brush

Specifications of the IRobot Roomba s9+

Patented 3-Stage Cleaning SystemYes
Vaccum suction 2200 pa
Automatic dockingYes
Auto resume function Yes
Multi-Surface CleaningYes
NavigationvSLAM navigation technology
SensorsYes (Dirt detect, Carpet boos, cliff sensor and Full bin indicator)
HEPA filtersYes
Remote Control SupportNo
Smart ConnectedYes
Voice PromptYes
Multi-Room navigationYes. Saves up to 10 floor plans.
Virtual Wall BarriersYes
Full Bin IndicatorYes
Dimension12.3 by 3.5 inches
Battery Life0 – 120 minutes
Charge Duration4 hours
Warranty12 months

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The s9+ comes with a new look. It has a D shape has opposed the other Roomba which is circular. This redesigned shape has giving it a better performance in cleaning edges and corners of the house. The shape coupled with the sleek design, (about 12 inches diameter and 3.5 inches tall) allows it slid under your bed and furniture without getting stuck. It hardly gets stuck but if it does, it comes with an alert that notifies you immediately.

It comes with a 30% wider brush which gives it the advantage to clean more. The two brushes at the base of the robot rotate in opposite directions. While one agitate the surface to bring the dirt, the other one cleans up the dirt.

It also has a rotating side brush that helps it achieve corner and edge cleaning. This brush has been redesigned to have 5 arms in the Roomba s9+ and positioned at an angle that allows it to grab more dirt. 

At the top of the vacuum are buttons for power, clean, and home and a camera. There is also a LED indicator that shows red, white and blue colors to show when it is charging, cleaning or connected to a Wi-Fi respectively.

It has a sensor at the side that detects when it is about to hit an obstacle and reduce its speed. It also has a sensor that allows it to The Roomba has sensors that allow it to recognize when it is going down a steep route to avoid falling down the stairs.

Setup and usage

It is easy to set up the Roomba s9+. The clean base is plugged into a socket. This serves as a dock for the vacuum and also empties the content of the vacuum. The vacuum can be controlled to clean the room by pressing the clean button at the top of the vacuum or using the iRobot Home app for smartphones. 

The IRobot home app gives you access to more functions. With the app, you can store up to 10 floor plans for the robot to remember. You can use the voice commandment connecting the device Alexa or the Google Assistant. 

The vacuum will familiarize itself with the house the first time you use it. It is designed with vSLAM technology. A short form for Virtual Simultaneous Localization And Mapping. This allows it to take a record of several points in the room per second. It will then use this information to develop a map of the whole house. This is useful for the vacuum to tell where it has been or not allowing it to achieve maximum cleaning.

The robot uses Imprint Smart Mapping to map out your house and divide it into rooms. You can also divide your house into different rooms on the app by drawing a straight line to differentiate each room from the app. This technology allows you to tell the robot which room to visit and which room to avoid. With the smartphone app, you to schedule the robot when you want it to clean and where you want it to clean. 

Mode of Operation

It has two power options. It has a low power option and also a high power option. There is also an auto mode that alternates between the two power options. On the low power option, the battery lasts longer but it picks up dirt slowly. Leaving it on auto will alternate between the high and low depending on the surface it is working on.

It cleans the carpet and hard floors effectively. It traps 99% of mold, pollen, dust mite, dog and cat allergens.

The vacuum will locate its base once it finishes cleaning the floor or when its dustbin is full. It will empty its content and continue from where it stopped. The vacuum will also go back to the base when the battery is low. The vacuum locates the base and charge. It can calculate the time remaining to complete the cleaning. It charges itself just enough to finish the remaining work and continue. The base can empty the dustbin up to 30 times before it gets filled.

 Imprint Link Technology allows Roomba s9+ and Braava jet m6 robots to automatically clean in sequence. Braava is the robot that mops the room. This allows the Roomba to vacuum the floor while the Braava mops it. 

 Conclusion on the  Irobot Roomba s9+ review

From the Irobot Roomba s9+ review, it is superior to the other vacuum and has an excellent navigation system. This roomba can tell where it has been or not and also has more suction than all the previous models. Designed to reach corners and edges of the house with a long lasting battery life of about 120minutes on lower power and about 50mins on the high power mode. It can also trap pollen, molds, and allergens.

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