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You have stumbled to this post because you were searching for the Neato d7 review. Well, you are at the right place; this article covers everything about the trending Neato D7 robotic home cleaner. It is a professional, smart home cleaner, everyone knows about that but does it really worth the hype and incessant praises? Read on to discover the hidden secrets about D7 vacuuming robot that has made it the best-selling robotic vacuum on Amazon.

A few years ago, no one cared about robotic home cleaners, instead, we use manual (hand propelled) vacuum blowers to help us in cleaning the house. But, recently, every modern seems to have a robotic vacuum; it has turned to an important home cleaning solution every homeowner cannot help but own one.

Since the trend of robotic vacuums initiated, we have seen many of them, built with different technologies and featuring typical designs. Some are cheap yet effective while some are premium with a high price tag. Either way, robotic vacuum home cleaners are the best solution to terminate pet hairs, debris, pollen, and other fine particles from your home floors. Having a professional cleaning robot like the Neato Botvac D7 will ease you from the tiring home cleaning task so you can focus on other important things and work.

The Neato Botvac D7 Connected

This bot lasts up to 2 hours after a full charge, it is very efficient, tackles dirt with all diligence. D7 uses an industry-leading navigation technology known as LaserSmart technology; this nav. tech scans and maps your entire house in seconds to detect the best free route for cleaning. It helps the robot create an effective movement floor plan so it does not fumble while cleaning your floors or wall edges. 

Neato’s Botvac D7 connected has a D-shape design instead of the usual oval-shape design associated with robotic vacuums. In my opinion, I see the Neato Botvac D7 Connected as a rare cleaning bot packed with premium technologies/features. It is a well-planned upgrade of the former Botvac D5 Connected which made waves when it was launched some years ago.

One of the most interesting features if this robot is that it grants you access to view the navigation map created by the LaserSmart navigation system. Also, it supports virtual “No Go” lines which restrict/guide the robot movements around any environment. With the help virtual No Go lines, one can prevent the robot from trespassing into a wired area so it does not get caught up by the wires.

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Quick features

  • 0.7-liter large dustbin capacity
  • Wifi enabled 
  • Wi-Fi enabled robot allows you ultimate control
  • LaserSmart Navigation system 
  • Lithium-Ion battery lasts up to 120 minutes after full charge
  • A full set of intelligent sensors
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Dual efficient suction modes – normal and turbo mode
  • Receives OTA Software Upgrades
  • Quick boost charge
  • iOS and Android compatible – Neato mobile app
  • Multiple floor plans mapping


Weight 8.0 pounds approx.
Dimensions 12.5 x 13.2 x 3.9 inches (W x H x L) 
Finish black
Bin capacity 0.7 liters 
Mobile app supportYes, Android and iOS 
Battery run-time 120 minutes (2 hours)
Time until full charge Up to 2 hours 
Quick charge technologyYes
Battery type lithium-ion 
Doorsill crossing5/8-inch
Multi-room nav.Yes
Self-charge supportYes 
Hepa filtrationYes
Cliff detection Yes
Edge brushesYes 
Full bin indicator Available
Scheduling Up to 7x per week
Extra FilterYes 
Warranty1 year on the robot and 6 months on the battery from the manufacturer 
PriceClick here to buy

Neato D7 Review

Discussing the Neato D7 will be my pleasure because it is a worthy robotic vacuum that provides great convenience. When you’ve got this bot at home, you will have much time to focus on other things it handles your floors. Imagine retiring from work every day and still get back home to start cleaning up messes; that so tiring! Especially when you’ve got a pet whose hairs will certainly be all over the floor. But with the Neato vacuum bot, peace is assured; at least one would concentrate on other house chores and make some tasty meals you know? *winks*

The Neato Botvac D7 connected navigates seamlessly; its D-shape design grants it access to tight edges and reaches the wall edges more than other robotic vacuums. This robotic vacuum suctions everything it finds on the floor, thanks to the ultra-performance filters plus tangle-free brush set. In zone cleaning mode, you can target areas with heavy dirt while guiding its moves with virtual no-go lines.

Since the robot works for up to 2 hours, it completes cleaning the whole house before retiring to the docking station. After 2 hours of active cleaning, Neato D7 returns to auto-dock itself while waiting for the next assignment. Interestingly, the quick boost charging technology calculates the amount of power needed to finish a certain job, and charges accordingly; that is if the robot didn’t complete a task before the battery went low.

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Detailed features of the Robot

Here, I will share in details, the full features/technologies that make up the efficiency of this robotic vacuum.

Hands-free operation

Although there are operational buttons available on the robot’s body, you do not need the buttons. D7 can be controlled with a smartphone via the Neato home mobile app. Also, it is compatible with Amazon Alexa. This means you could command the bot with your voice using certain voice commands.

Talking about the app, it shows you every activity done by the robot in real-time. Even saves up data of 20 cleaning cycles. Distinctively, the app is intuitive, lightweight, and compatible across mobile OS (iOS and Android).

D-Shape Aesthetics

The D-shape structure allows the robot to get very much close to wall edges than Roomba vacuums. Its flat edge also plays an important role in its wall-edge cleaning function. In all, Botvac D7 design looks premium, sturdy, and sleek. It is only available in one color but that’s not a problem or issue to worry about.

Just as older Botvacs, this model is 3.9 inches tall which is still a low profile height. In that case, it can meander under house furniture, beds, couches, etc to clean everywhere effectively. Neato D7 top competitor Roomba 980 is 3.6 in height; the D7 is 0.3 taller than Roomba 980 and this is because the laser navigation system situates on top of the bot for effective mapping.

Navigation and tech

A lot of emphases has been laid on the LaserSmart navigation technology featured by this robot. This is a very effective home mapping technology that clearly scans the whole house in a matter of seconds. LaserSmart technology scans your entire house, then, creates a seamless floor plan for the robot to follow. This causes the D7 bot to move in straight lines instead of a random pattern which drives more efficiency. The Lasers even makes it clean in the dark.

It doesn’t stop there, Botvac D7 can remember up to 3 different floor plans. So, you can set up No-Go Lines on every floor. 

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Note: You can’t access the “No-Go” lines feature until this bot draws a floor plan/map. It is after then that you can set up the No-Go lines at strategic areas.

Dustbin capacity

0.7 liter is very big to contain all the dirt from each cleaning D7 does. This dustbin is placed at the center part inside this robot. Neato has promised that its ultra-performance filter will sieve out up to 0.3 micros of dirt. Whenever this bin filled, the full bin indicator alerts you so you can empty it. Emptying the bin is effortless; a flexible handle lies opposite to the bin which you would use to pull it up and dispose of the contents.

Battery life and quick boost

Once after a full charge, Botvac D7 will run up to 120 minutes (2 hours). This is long enough for the robot to complete cleaning large homes. Also, if the robot couldn’t complete cleaning within the 2 hours of battery runtime, Quick Boost technology leads it back to the dock station to charge the needed amount of power required to finish the task. However, you need a saved floor plan for Quick Boost to work.

Deep cleaning

Gets into every cranny. Turbo cleaning mode suctions the finest dirt you can’t see with your bare eyes as it boosts the suction power. This is where the unique D-shape design of Botvac D7 plays an important role and the large core brush detects dirt on every corner or edge.

Scheduled cleaning

Of course, Neato’s D7 cannot miss this feature. Cheap vacuum robots like the Dyson 360 Eye can be scheduled to clean up to 7 times per week. In the same, via the app or the available buttons on the robot’s physical body, you can schedule it to clean up the floors up to 7 times in 7 days. This means you can travel for the weekend and return to meet a very neat home.

Verdict on the Neato D7 review

Just as it appears and advertised, Neato Botvac D7 connected is a premium/professional home cleaning robot with limitless possibilities. It also accepts Over The Air (OTA) software upgrades via the app. This robotic vacuum is worthy of your money.

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