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For some years now, this particular robotic vacuum from Neato has been most preferred option for buyers. Neato D85 is a very smart robotic vacuum with high-end efficient technologies.

Neato Botvac D85 Overview

Neato is a name known for quality and durability when it has to deal with robotic vacuums. The company specializes in producing high-end vacuum robots that would deliver a perfect output result when assigned to handle any home cleaning task.

The Botvac D85 is an ultra-efficient and useful Robot Vacuum that packs a super-powerful suction, a very big Bagless bin, a set of versatile brushes, an extra-large filter capable of capturing even the smallest/thinnest particle it comes across. It comes with a variety of sensors and detectors which it utilizes while working in a given environment or area to deliver a spotless and satiable result.

This piece of intelligent robot works uninterruptedly for up to 60 mins (1 Hour) to ensure it covers the whole area assigned to it, but peradventure, if the robot could not accomplish its tasks before the battery runs down, it will automatically return to the docking station, recharge itself and come back to resume cleaning from where it stopped – that’s quite brilliant.

Neato Botvac D85 is a premium robotic vacuum worth having around the house; it is versatile and also capable of treating your pet hairs.

Meet the Neato Botvac D85

  • LaserSmart Mapping and a super-sensitive navigation system
  • Works on all floor types
  • Perfect for your pet hair ideal
  • Self-propelled roller
  • Particle filter
  • Easy navigation under the furniture and other low profile equipment
  • Auto-recharge and resume
  • Stunning intelligent cleaning capabilities
  • Wide and versatile brushes
  • Boundary markers
  • BotVision technology
  • Large dustbin size
  • Sleek and portable body structure.
  • Eco mode
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Specifications of this Neato d85 review

LaserSmart navigation Yes, supported
D-Shape with CornerCleverYes
SpinFlow power cleaning system Yes
Filter type High Performance filters
Primary brush Combo Brush plus Spiral Blade Brush 
Side Brush Yes
Battery run-timeUp to 60 min
Entire level cleaning Yes
Auto-recharge and resume Yes
Boundary MarkerYes 
Scheduled cleaningYes, up to 7 times per week
Wi-Fi connectivity Not available
Mobil app supportNo
Spot cleanSupported
Dimension13.2″ D x 12.7″ W x 3.9″ H
Robot weight9 lbs

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Neato Botvac D85 Review

If what you want is an excellent robotic vacuum that will handle your floors properly and ensure your whole home is always free from dirt and debris at all time, then Neato Botvac D85 robotic vacuum is the perfect ideal for you.

This vacuuming robot will actually you make you grow lazy and forget about the thought of vacuuming your home; once you set the schedules when it should vacuum the house, you are free to go about your other life activities, the robot will get down to work at the set time.

The Botvac D85 moves closer to the walls and corners of the house and performs a deep cleaning on the wall edges – the D-shape made it possible for the bot to come with 50% bigger front-brush design, which is quite bigger than the ones seen in Roomba vacuum robots. It also includes an extra–large dirt bin to reduce the frequency of when the owner should empty the bin.

Furthermore, the Neato Botvac D85 uses a patented LaserSmart technology coupled with real-time object detector sensor to map the house, scan the floor, and come up with the best navigation routes and methodology which it will follow to clean up a given space without having to bump into any obstacle.

One great feature of this robotic vacuum cleaner is the ability to observe the boundaries set to restrict its movement or navigation to a specific corner or area. The boundary marker is included in the robot kit on purchase.

Why choose Neato Botvac D85?

Versatile cleaning functions

The D85 cleaning robot is versatile and easy to operate. Simply press on any of the buttons on the body of the robot with the cleaning option you want and it goes straight to work. This model moves extremely close to the wall and other adjacent corners of the house and cleans the edges perfectly – this is as a result of its D-shape body structure. The 50% bigger brush does a great job in assisting the robot clean your wall edges properly, leaving the spotless and sparkling neat.

Easy Scheduling 

You can easily schedule this smart device to carry out daily cleanings at certain times even when you are on the go. Botvac D85 is intelligent enough to handle cleaning tasks without you monitoring it – it is self-dependent and can assure of a perfect result when you are back at home.

Easy to operate

On the body of the Neato Botvac D85 are buttons which you would use to set/send commands to the robot system. You can command this robotic vacuum to clean up multiple rooms or just to concentrate and clean up a certain spot.

Easy and smooth navigation with the LaserSmart Navigation system

This robotic vacuum uses a technology known as LaserSmart to seamlessly navigate throughout the house without bumping into obstacles. The Botvac D85 can sense large obstacles and also detects drop-off points within the environment it is working on.

You can leave this robotic vacuum all alone at home and go about your other life activities and be sure that when you return it will still be intact without damaging any of your equipment or even itself.

Auto-recharge and resume function

Maybe the area you assigned to this bot is very large that it couldn’t complete cleaning it within the one hour (60 mins) run-time offered by the battery. Well, you don’t really need to worry if such case occurs, this smart robot will automatically return to the docking station, recharge itself, and get back to work – it will continue in this manner until it completely cleans the area you assigned to it.

Other interesting features of this robotic vacuum cleaner includes

  • Precise Side Brush for effect edge cleaning function
  • High-performance filter
  • Extra-Large dirty bin



  • Seamless Navigation
  • Super sensitive (comes with a wide-range of sensors)
  • High-performance filters
  • Automatic docking and auto-resume function
  • Edge cleaning expert because of the D-shape design.


  • The battery does  not last long – runs down in 60 mins after a full charge
  • Does not support remote control

Final thoughts on the Neato D85 review

Neato’s Botvac D85 is a good robotic vacuum for your home or office. It carefully handles any cleaning task assigned to it and utilizes the high-end technologies/features packed into it to deliver a perfect result leaving your floors spotless, dirt, and debris free.

Considering the price of this vacuum robot, there are some other cheaper units that offer almost the same functions as this one but they are manufactured by infamous robotics brands.

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