Roborock S5 Review: Detailed review and Analysis

In this Roborock S5 review, you will get to learn more about this robotic vacuum cleaner and how it can handle your home cleaning tasks. Interestingly, this robotic vacuum can do more than just cleaning and mopping.

It is not bad to get your mob stick and bucket, and then start cleaning up your floors and wall edges. However, technology has simplified this task for humans; so, you can have an intelligent robot do the work while you take care of other important tasks that require your attention. The Roborock S5 vacuum cleaner is a smart home cleaning robot with great features and beautiful aesthetics. It is a robotic cleaner that stands out among its alternatives.

Roborock S5 Overview

With a sleek, attractive design, the Roborock S5 vacuum cleaner is a great addition to every home. It comes with quite several contemporary techs and is capable of performing full house cleaning/mopping.

Typically, robot vacuums are portable, and most of them look alike, even when they are not from the same manufacturer. Roborock S5 picks up dirt on your floors and assures of a clean environment. The navigation system features a smart sensor. Plus, this robotic vacuum can climb over minor obstacles or stairs. It is a great smart robot to keep at home. Your pet would definitely like this robot.

Design and build

The circular design allows the robot to get to wall edges easily, as well as helps for seamless navigation. But, there is a bulge on the top, which made this robot vacuum grow to 3.8 inches tall to accommodate the laser sensor utilized by the built-in navigation system to scan the environment and generate a real-time map of your home. This scanning and mapping help the robot to discover how best to navigate through the environment in other to clean up the whole place faster and seamless. However, the Roborock S5 may find it difficult, passing under some low-profile furniture in the room.

Roborock S5 comes along with other accessories out of the box. The accessories include a docking station, a water tank, an extra filter, a moisture-proof mat, and two mopping cloths. On top of the body is where you will see the button controls for operating this vacuuming robot. Also, there is an indicator that notifies of the battery percentage; it blinks white if the robot’s battery is above 20% and blinks red when the battery falls below 20%.

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Furthermore, you will find the removable dustbin can, a system reset button, a Wi-Fi indicator light, and the main brush under the lid. Under the robot vacuum lies the charging contacts and other features/components that make up the system.

Technical Specifications

  • 5200mAh battery capacity
  • Compatible with Android assistant of Amazon Alexa
  • 2000Pa maximum suction power
  • 150 minutes runtime
  • 140ml water tank capacity
  • 8 x 13.7 x 3.8 inches
  • 7 LBS weight
  • Mobile app control
  • Virtual walls

Features and Techs

 Precision laser navigation * Clip-on water tank

 Strong battery * Map saving & Zoned cleaning

Recharge and resume * Washable filter

 Cyclone 3D Cleaning System * Bionic mopping system

The Roborock S5 comes with an advanced LDS smart navigation tech. This nav. tech scans the whole room and uses a SLAM algorithm to analyze the scan result to create a map of your home. It also features a botanical mopping tech; the water tank is big enough to hold up enough water for mopping mid-size rooms. Also, the self-adjustable brushes operate at variable speeds; the side brush works at a higher speed when sweeping across edges, and at a lower speed when sweeping normal floors.

A floating main brush constantly floats up and down; it clings to the ground to clean up dust. Furthermore, this robotic vacuum comes with a powerful cyclone cleaning system, up to 2000Pa high suction.

The 5200mAh battery integrated on this vacuuming robot serves for a very long time before running down. At least, it runs for up 140 minutes after each full charge. This robot has the capability of climbing most 2cm tall obstacles.

It is possible to remove the filtration system and wash it after each use. Roborock S5 claims to come with a high-efficiency E11 filter that’s capable of capturing 99.2% of dust and allergens. Well, it can pick up even the finest dirt on your floor, including pet dander and plant pollens.

Performance, control, and modes

You can control this robotic vacuum using the Mi Home mobile app. It supports different working modes. Plus, there is a special carpet pressurization mode that is designed to clean up your carpets perfectly. This carpet pressurization mode switches automatically when the robot gets close to a carpeted floor; it activates the robot’s maximum suction capability to clean your carpets. Interestingly, the robot switches back to its initial mode after cleaning the carpet.

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The laser navigation sensor on the top is quite effective. It is a smart and intelligent navigation system that guides the robot to following straightforward routes to cleaning the room. Also, this sensor guides the robot back to the docking station when the battery runs down.

To get the best of this robotic vacuum, you need to install the mobile app on your smartphone. The app notifies you of every situation, as well as provides detailed info on how your home robot is handling your home cleaning.

This vacuum robot can easily navigate through multi-rooms and still find its way back to the docking station. More so, this robot doesn’t just clean the floors; it also mops the floor. Its mopping capability is appraisable; however, you have to attach the mopping components; attach a microfiber cloth, and fill the water tank. Interestingly, this robotic vacuum comes with two mopping clothes out of the box. But you can still get more mopping clothes if you wish (buy online).

One thing to note is that the Roborock S5 vacuum doesn’t automatically switch to carpet mode while mopping. This is because the sensor doesn’t detect carpets in mopping mode.

Truth be told, this robot makes some noise while functioning; you’ll know that something is working in the other room. It even makes louder noise when it switches to max suction mode on carpet floors. Nevertheless, considering the price, specs, and features, the overall performance of this robotic vacuum is quite impressive. A vacuum robot that can run for up to 150 minutes or more is really a great deal for most homeowners.

Recharging and battery

This robotic vacuum can find its way back to the docking station whenever the battery runs down. However, kindly refer to the manual in order to place the docking station rightly in your home. No manual action is required when the battery on this runs down while it is performing. More so, after charging, the Roborock S5 will go back to where it stopped cleaning and resume; the robot will continue recharging and resuming until it completely cleans the whole place.

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Smart Assistance Support

Roborock has included support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa on this model – Roborock S5. So, it is possible to control the vacuum using voice commands. However, for Alexa voice commands to work on this smart robot vacuum, you need an Alexa-supported device (sold separately).

Is Roborock S5 Vacuum Suitable for Homes with Pets?

The Roborock S5 vacuum is pet-friendly. Your pet will be thrilled to see a round metallic engine infringing on its environment. More so, this robot helps to keep your floors free from pet hairs and dander. It is a nice addition to homes with pets. Furthermore, the brushes on this robotic vacuum are designed to be tangle-free; thus, the robot can easily pick up pet hairs on the floor as it moves.


There are other robotic vacuums within the price of Roborock S5 that offer almost the same features and tech available on Roborock S5. Cheaper options like the iRobot Roomba E5 also performs very well in cleaning up your floors.


The Roborock S5 comes with one of the best navigation systems, thanks to the anti-collision laser sensors.  More so, the design looks pretty attractive. It is a multipurpose robotic vacuum that can mop and clean very well. The mopping performance isn’t very perfect, but it is appraisable. This robotic vacuum can clean up multi-rooms and would slowly bypass obstacles.

Its ability to detect carpeted floors and automatically switch to using maximum suction to work on carpets is quite interesting. However, you should clean this robotic vacuum regularly using a vacuum cleaning tool; this is a maintenance practice that keeps the robot running efficiently.

One thing you may not like about the Roborock S5 vacuum is the loud noise it makes while cleaning a carpet. This cool vacuum is available on Amazon and can be gotten here.


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