Roomba 665 review: An honest buying guide!

You’ll definitely not find another Roomba 665 review article as detailed as this one. Here in this article, we have reviewed the Roomba 665 and also explained all its features in detail. When next you hit the stores to buy a robotic vacuum cleaner for your home, you should consider this Roomba model – Roomba 665. It is a classy vacuuming robot though not to be compared with the higher models in Roomba 800 and 900 series. However, within its colleagues and mates, it does stand out unique.

Of course, you know that cleaning up your whole home manually is very tedious and tiring. But when you engage a robot to do that for you, your daily workload reduces and you still get the best result you wished for. Roomba 665 is just that robotic vacuum cleaner you can get for your home irrespective of the size.

Meet iRobot’s Roomba 665 

If your budget for a new home cleaning robot is below $350 then, this Roomba model is a good pick. It is a professional home cleaning robot packed with good and efficient cleaning accessories – such as brushes, filters, and sensors.

The Roomba 665 vacuuming bot comes with a dual-mode virtual barrier wall on purchase; this can be used to control the robot’s movement around the house and also set restrictions to where it should not bypass.


  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Convenient scheduling; it can vacuum up to 7x weekly
  • Battery lasts quite long
  • Suitable for homes with a pet because it picks up pet hairs very well
  • Works on various types of floor
  • Auto-adjusting cleaning head
  • Limited 1-year warranty
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  • No remote control support
  • No smart connectivity support
  • The robot does not resume cleaning after a full charge
  • Lacks HEPA filters 
  • The cleaning brushes need to be manually cleared after the robot picks up hairs (it is not tangle-free)

Specifications Overview

Patented 3-Stage Cleaning SystemSupported – the robot picks up everything
Brushesedge-sweeping brush and dual multi-surface brushes
Vacuum SuctionYes – it suctions everything
Automatic dockingYes
Auto resume functionno
Multi-Surface CleaningYes
NavigationUses iAdapt nav. tech with a full suite of intelligent sensors
SensorsCliff detector, dirt detector, includes other useful sensors
HEPA filtersNo
Remote control supportNo
Smart connectedNo
Multi-Room NavigationYes
Virtual wall barriersYes
Full bin indicatorNo
HeightLow-profile 3.6 inches
Battery runtimeUp to 60 minutes after a full charge
Battery timeLi-Ion
Charge duration
WarrantyOne year, limited

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What’s in the box with Roomba 665

On purchase of this robotic vacuum, you get the following free packages;

  • An extra filter
  • Dual-mode virtual barrier walls
  • Home-based charging (Dock station)
  • The Roomba 665 itself
  • 2 cleaning tools

Roomba 665 review – the features

Design and body build

The design of this particular Roomba model does not look special in any way; it still maintained the tradition oval-shape structure. But even at that, this robotic vacuum appeals to the eye on sight; the finishing colors are just the perfect match for a robot of its nature.

In all, Roomba 665 looks great and best in its design. It will match with your existing home décor, adding more beauty to your home.

Dual Multi-Surface Brushes

This feature is among the reasons why iRobot as a robotic vacuum manufacturer has greater market share than other robotic vacuum manufacturer. All iRobot’s Roomba vacuums are packed with dual multi-surface cleaning brushes. These two brushes work hand-in-hand to ensure your floors are not left with a spot and the robot does not leave a spot untouched. 

While one of the brushes is designed to loosen up particles on the floors, the other is designed to pick up these particles and store in the storage bin.

Patented 3-stage cleaning system

Roomba 665 comes with a 3-stage cleaning technology. This means the 665 robot will clean up your floors with great suction power, suctioning every single particle on the floors. Even stubborn dirt and hairs succumb to Roomba 665 when it is at work.

Schedule cleaning

You can comfortably set your Roomba 665 to clean up the house at certain times. It can be scheduled to clean for the whole 7 days in a week. All you need do is to reset the default scheduled timing to suit your own preference. Once it is time, Roomba 665 will trigger itself to clean while you go about your other daily activities.

Battery and docking

Whenever the battery of Roomba 665 is running on low power, whether the robot is cleaning or not, it automatically finds its way to the dock station and recharges itself without you putting in any effort. Always leave the dock station connected to a socket switch at all time for the effectiveness of this feature.

The battery of this smart bot lasts for about 60 minutes before it shuts off. Sometimes, it may have finished cleaning before low power if assigned to a minimal environment.

Navigation and sensors

IRobot says this model is packed with a full suite of intelligent sensors but only mentioned of a cliff and dirt detector. Anyways, the robot acts smart and so we believe there are more sensors included inside that contribute to that.

As expected, this model uses the iAdapt navigation system. It uses this to map the environment and come up with an obstacle-free path for cleaning effectively. It hardly bumps into obstacles and it meanders under the kickboards and beds.

Dual-mode virtual walls

These serve as a blockage to the robot’s paths. Although the robot navigates through any obstacle, it cannot bypass the virtual lines marked by these virtual walls. This is because the virtual walls are built with strong technologies and work in collaboration with the sensors on Roomba 665.

Roomba 665 Review – our honest experience with the robot

First, at the price it is being sold, it is slightly expensive, would have been of greater value for a budget of less than $300. The Roomba 665 vacuums very well and it delivers a very much satiable result. Definitely, your floors and wall edges will be sparkling clean at all-time once the Roomba 665 is present.

Whether it is dirt, debris, allergens, pollens, pet hairs, etc. the Roomba 665 will suction them into its dustbin reserve. You can easily pull out this dustbin storage and empty its contents.

Maintaining Roomba 665 is not stressful at all and does not cost a dime. Simply, empty the robot’s dustbin after each completed cleaning and take off the hairs that must have attached themselves around the brushes.

Also, whether it’s a carpeted floor, rug, hard surface floor or tiled floor, the auto-adjustable cleaning head of this robot will always adjust to clean them all.

Conclusion and final thoughts on the Rooba 665 review

As I said earlier, this is the most comprehensive Roomba 665 review on the internet. It is a good vacuuming robot that is worth your money because it will deliver a perfect result and will last for a very long time.

This robot is backed by a solid one-year warranty from the manufacturer iRobot.

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