Roomba 680 review: Read my unbiased review

If you’re looking for an honest Roomba 680 review then, you’re just at the right place. This article is a comprehensive review of the Roomba 680 vacuuming robot. 

Cleaning up the home manually or using traditional vacuum cleaners can be very tiring and stressful as it will require much effort from you. On the other hand, Roomba 680 is a robotic vacuum that can handle your home cleaning exercises independently.

As a robotic vacuum from a reputable manufacturer, Roomba 680 is sure to last over a long period of time and offers great value for your money spent.

Roomba 680 Robotic Vacuum


Equipped with solid cleaning brushes and highly sensitive sensors, the Roomba 680 cleans the floor thoroughly and does not miss a spot. It can be scheduled to work up to 7 times weekly, and when the battery gets low, it automatically returns to the dock station and recharges its system.

Also, this model comes with an edge-sweeping brush which aids to ensure your wall edges are clean and free from any kind of dirt. The robot goes around picking up dirt, debris (large and small), pet hairs, allergens, etc. Roomba 680 is one of the best vacuuming robots you can get below 300 bucks ($300).

Specifications Overview

Patented 3-Stage Cleaning SystemSupported – the robot picks up everything
Brushesedge-sweeping brush and dual multi-surface brushes
Vacuum SuctionYes – it suctions everything
Automatic dockingYes
Auto resume functionno
Multi-Surface CleaningYes
NavigationUses iAdapt nav. tech with a full suite of intelligent sensors
SensorsCliff detector, dirt detector
HEPA filtersNo
Remote control supportNo
Smart connectedNo
Multi-Room NavigationYes
Virtual wall barriersYes
Full bin indicatorNo
HeightLow-profile 3.6 inches
Battery90 minutes (1.5 hours) after a full charge
Charge duration120 minutes until full charge
WarrantyOne year, limited
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  • Long lasting battery – the robot will work for a reasonable time before shutting off
  • It does not take much time to charge fully
  • Low profile height
  • Scheduled cleaning – it can work for up to 7 times per week
  • Automatic docking
  • Extremely cheap


  • No HEPA filter
  • Small dustbin capacity
  • Does not resume after a full charge
  • Does not support wifi or mobile app control feature

Features of Roomba 680 review

Design and body build

The 680 robotic vacuum looks like a Roomba! I used the Roomba because it flaunts the usual oval-shaped body structure initiated on all Roomba vacuums by iRobot. Roomba 680 looks attractive more than the 618 model and it features a low-profile height for easy navigation under the beds, cupboards, and sofas.

Looking at the body of this robot, apart from its oval-shape design, the general architecture is slightly different while it tries to look so much like the Roomba 801 robot. However, the design if this robot is not new to Roomba users and it is generally acceptable.

Battery and docking

Imagine going out for a very long and then return to meet your floors cleaned half way while your robot is stuck at the docking station. This is one of the disadvantages one would suffer after purchasing the Roomba 680.

The robot auto docks but it do not resume after charging; you’d have to manually carry it back to the previous spot to resume cleaning.

Cleaning performance

Roomba 680 vacuums very well, it handles the floors with great precision and suction. The bot works on various floor types (if not all). Plus, it comes with an auto-adjusting cleaning head which makes it much easier for the robot to move on from one type of floor to another.

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This vacuuming robot will go around the house picking up every debris, dirt, allergens, pollens, and pet hairs on the walls. It also gets closer to wall edges and tight corners to clear off the hidden dirt in these areas with the edge sweeping brush.

The overall cleaning performance of this robot is acceptable and it meanders under the beds and sofas – thanks to the low-profile height.

 Scheduled Cleaning

You can conveniently schedule the Roomba 680 to work up to 7 times per week. So it vacuums even when you’re not at home. Whether you are going to spend the whole day out and was going to come back with a friend, Roomba 680 will keep your floors very neat and clean from any kind of dirt when you are back.

Navigation and sensors

iAdapt Navigation  Technology is what all Roomba robotic vacuum use coupled with good sensors to map the whole house and come up with a good cleaning path. The Roomba 680 navigates quite well without bumping into obstacles and it seamlessly finds its way under kickboards and beds. IRobot claims this model utilizes a full set of intelligent sensors while navigating through the house and this is quite true.

This unit comes with a cliff detector sensor which helps to keep the robot off the stairs and other drop-off locations around the house. Also, this vacuuming robot comes with a dirt detector sensor which makes the robot concentrate more on areas with much dirt and clean with great suction.

With the inclusion of the 3-Stage patented cleaning system, Roomba 680 agitates brushes and suctions every particle on the floors.

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Virtual Barrier Walls

Also, Roomba 680 supports virtual barrier walls. This will help the owners to restrict the robot’s movement into certain areas of the house. Simply stand the virtual barrier walls at the locations where you do not want the robot to trespass.

Cleaning accessories

Roomba 680 makes use of dual multi-surface cleaning brushes and an edge sweeping brush to work on your floors and wall edges respectively. No matter the area where dirt hides in your house, this Roomba vacuum will get into these tight corners and get them off.

Roomba 680 Review

Just as all other Roombas, the 680 model includes a dirt detect technology that recognizes dirt concentrated areas and runs a more intense cleaning on such spots. It is one of the cheapest Roomba robots from iRobot.

This model is assembled with the basic features every robotic vacuum owner will need.  Such as cliff detector sensor that prevents the robot from dropping off and a full suite of smart sensors. Additionally, you get a Dual-Mode Virtual Barrier Wall on the purchase of this model to control the robot’s movement.

Conclusion and final words on the Roomba 680 review

This Roomba model costs under $300 on amazon and is backed by a solid one-year warranty support from iRobot. So you can confidently use your robot with high hope and sealed assurance. There are other Roomba vacuums you can choose over this model, depending on the features you’re looking out for.

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