Roomba 761 review : A definite buying guide!

Who loves stressing out themselves when there is an automated machine to handle most human activities? In this modern times when A.I technology has taken over to handle our day-to-day activities, the use of robotic vacuum cleaners for home cleaning tasks is the best way to minimize one’s daily workload. A very good robotic vacuum that can handle your home cleaning tasks efficiently is the iRobot’s Roomba 761. Hence, our purpose for this article – Roomba 761 review.

At a good and reasonable budget, you’ll get the Roomba 761 to handle all your home cleaning tasks. It is efficient and durable, and offers a great value for your money spent.

The Roomba 761 robotic vacuum

Starting from the start (design) to the last (cleaning result), the Roomba 761 is a perfect robotic vacuum from iRobot. It is among the 3 well-known vacuuming robots from the Roomba 700 series. There are a lot of things to get you confused between this model and the 760 model; in fact, one can say the two gadgets are just the same.

Homeowners looking out for a premium intelligent robot but do not want to spend much can end up with this Roomba model. A remote control sensor is included in this Roomba model so it can be controlled remotely from any point of the house.


  • Includes a remote control for ease of access and control
  • It comes with two virtual barrier walls
  • Packed with HEPA filters for more effective cleaning result
  • Works on various floor types
  • Can be scheduled to clean up to 7 times weekly


  • Some users have complained the body paint (finish) gets scratched out easily
  • It has to go over a spot for at least 2 or 3 times before picking up all pet hairs on carpeted floors
  • Generally, it is not very good in handling pet hairs on hard pile carpets
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Why choose Roomba 761 even with the CONS?

Well, the CONS of Roomba 761 are overlookable and the overall cleaning performance of this robot is acceptable. Also at the price offered, it is just the best you should pick among its counterparts. Roomba 761 comes with useful features every homeowner would wish to see in a robotic vacuum including a remote control function.

Specifications Overview

Patented 3-Stage Cleaning SystemSupported – the robot picks up everything
Brushesedge-sweeping brush and dual multi-surface brushes
Vacuum SuctionYes – it suctions everything
Automatic dockingYes
Auto resume function
Multi-Surface CleaningYes
NavigationUses iAdapt nav. tech with a full suite of intelligent sensors
SensorsCliff detector, dirt detector, includes other useful sensors
HEPA filtersYes
Remote control supportYes
Smart connectedNo
Multi-Room NavigationYes
Virtual wall barriersYes
Full bin indicatorNo
HeightLow-profile 3.6 inches
Battery runtimeUp to 90 minutes after a full charge
Battery timeLi-Ion
Charge duration3 hours
WarrantyOne year, limited

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Features of iRobot Roomba 761

Body design and build

The design is still the usual oval-shaped body packed by all Roomba vacuums although it looks a bit shiny. Roomba 761 appears to have a 3.6 inches low profile height for easy navigation under the beds and kickboards.

This robotic vacuum looks stunning in its design and it is extremely lightweight so everyone can carry it around even the kids. The colors of Roomba 761 will surely complement your existing home décor and add more beauty to your home.

Cleaning performance

On different floor types, the cleaning performance of Roomba 761 is not the same. It works very well on low pile carpets, rugs, tile floors, laminated floors, etc. but fumbles on hard/thick carpeted floors. It cheerfully goes about the house cleaning up everywhere and picking up any particle it comes across.

With the help of the High-Efficiency filters (HEPA) and the dual multi-surface cleaning brushes, it does not skip any spot. Rather, it would have to move back and forth for about 2 or 3 times to ensure that area/surface is as neat as others.

Roomba 761 picks up pet hairs efficiently on floors that are not very thick. It also goes as far as penetrating into tight corners and gets closer to wall edges to clean up everywhere. Our general experience with the Roomba 761 cleaning performance is not bad at all.

Remote control support

We love the fact that this Roomba model can be controlled using the provided remote control device. This makes it easier for the owners to send commands to the bot without any physical contact.

Self-charging function

Yes, the Roomba 761 supports self-charge function. It means the robot will automatically find its way to the dock station and recharge its system. This feature is very helpful because it reduces the frequency of carrying the robot around the house at any given instance.

Filters and cleaning tools

As a professional vacuum cleaner, this model comes with HEPA filters, dual multi-surface brushes, and an edge-sweeping brush. All these work together to ensure the robot cleans up the floor effectively without missing a spot.

Other features supported

There are other good features of this robotic vacuum you’d love to hear and we are most delighted to tell you about them.

The Roomba 761 takes up to 3 hours before it becomes fully charged and ready for the next operation. If fully charged, the battery can last up to 75 minutes or more (based on battery). Also, this model comes with two virtual barrier walls which can be used to prevent the robot from entering into “no-go” areas in the house.

Auto-adjust cleaning head, 3-stage patented cleaning system, and iAdapt navigation system are also parts of the technologies featured by the Roomba 761.

Roomba 761 review

Compared with other Roomba vacuums within the level (either slightly above or below) of this model, it still proves best based on performance. Although not packed with sophisticated features and additional ease of access feature (wifi/app), the 761 robot is still not difficult to set up and use.

Everyone that uses this Roomba model will love it (online customer reviews proves this to be right). It is also among the most sort-after Roomba models.

The remote control feature is very much important for setting your cleaning schedules and the self-charging function helps to reduce the frequency of carrying the robot around the house. Based on online reviews and personal experience, there has been no instance where the Roomba 761 collides with other equipment’s in the house. This means the navigation system is very effective and it shows the robot will last over a long period of time.

Conclusion and final thoughts on the Roomba 761 review

Roomba 761 utilizes a full set of intelligent sensors while operating; a cliff detector sensor is added on this bot. It detects the stairs and other high profile floors and stays away from them so it does not fall off.

Which all these protective features plus the one-year warranty support offered by iRobot. You are sure you’re buying the very best robotic vacuum suitable for your home.

For a budget lesser than $300, we advise you buy the Roomba 618, it is a good vacuum cleaner with almost the same specifications with this model.

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