Roomba 895 review: Detailed Pros and Cons

This article will detail the Roomba 895 review.  Using a traditional vacuum requires a lot of manual works which can be very stressful. You’ll need to be carrying the vacuum up and down the stairs and still may not achieve your desired result. This is why robotic vacuums are now the latest trend in home cleaning gadgets.

Roomba 895 is an intelligent and super-smart robotic vacuum with high-tech features. It is among the recent vacuum robots from the prestigious manufacturer – iRobot.

Roomba 895 review: Meet the Roomba

The Roomba 895 is a top-class robotic vacuum cleaner equipped with high-tech features to ensure your floors are left with no spot or dirt at all time.

It comes with AeroForce 3-Stage cleaning system which helps to loosen, lift and suction any dirt the robot comes across. The 5x suction power paired with high-efficiency HEPA filters makes it possible for the bot to pick up even the tiniest dirt on your floors.

Roomba 895 uses the advanced version of the traditional iAdapt navigation system packed into iRobot vacuums to navigate through the rooms in a house without colliding with obstacles. Also, it comes with a cliff detector sensor that prevents the robot from falling off the stairs and other high-profile floors in the house.

This vacuuming robot can be controlled remotely via the iRobot mobile app available for Android and iOS smartphones. You can restrict the movements of this vacuum around your house using the virtual wall barriers.

Roomba 895: The Pros

  • Works wireless; integrated with Amazon Alexa and iRobot Home Mobile App
  • Comes with a full set of sensors
  • Navigates easily through the house and does not bump into obstacles
  • It auto-recharges itself once the battery is low
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The cons

  • After a full charge, the robot does not resume function in situations whereby it did not complete its previous task

Specifications of Roomba 895

Dimensions18.4 x 16.7 x 5.8 inches
Weight12.45 lbs
BrushesDual Multi-Surface Brushes, tangle-free brushes
NavigationAdvanced iAdapt navigation system
Suction power5x power
Smart connectedMobile app integration, Amazon 
Dustbin size0.6 liter
Run-timeUp to 60 minutes
Noise level58db
Carpet boost
FiltersHigh-efficiency filters
SensorsCliff detector, acoustic sensors

Features of Roomba 895

Design and Body Build

Roomba 895 flaunts an oval-shaped body structure with a shiny finish; it looks great and appealing to the eye. This model does not come with many buttons as seen in the previous Roomba models.

The Roomba 895 has a low profile design which makes it easy for the robot to navigate under the beds, sofas, and other furnitures’ alike without colliding with them. This is a robotic vacuum you’ll find interesting due to the sleek design it features.

Navigation and Mapping

This model maintained the traditional iAdapt navigation system packed by all Roomba vacuums but this time it is an advanced version of the technology. With the help of this technology, Roomba 895 clearly maps the house to determine the best routes it will follow to clean up the environment. 

The advanced iAdapt navigation system is also responsible for guiding the robot all through the times it will be functioning; so as to ensure it does not hit an obstacle which may result to damage of the robot or the equipment/obstacle.

Cleaning capabilities

It cleans all floor types and wall edges, thanks to the high-efficiency set of brushes packed into the system. Roomba 895 will easily move on from one floor to the other (from tiles to parlor rug) and it quickly adjusts to clean each floor effectively.

With the AeroForce technology, tangle free brush roll, dual multi-surface brushes, and 5x suction power, this vacuum robot will loosen, pick, and suction dust, dirt, hair, allergens, pollens, and large debris from the floors, carpets, and rugs.

Also, Roomba 895 does justice to pet hairs and would stop at nothing until your floors are satisfied clean.

Battery and charging

Roomba 895 has a strong 3x Li-ion battery that lasts up to 75 minutes after a full charge. With such great battery life, this unit will clean for a very long time before returning to the dock station. Automatically, Roomba 895 returns to the dock station without any physical assistance. This means that after a successful cleaning task or when the battery is running low, this unit finds its way to the dock station to recharge its system and get ready for another task.

Ease of access and control

Owners of this robotic vacuum can control it virtually from any side of the house. It is integrated with the iRobot home mobile app; so, you can send commands to the robot using compatible smart devices.

Also, Roomba 895 can be controlled orally because it has support for Amazon Alexa voice assistant and Google voice assistant.

Virtual Barrier Walls

For sure there are critical points and corners in a house where you wouldn’t love this robot to penetrate due to certain reasons. This is why iRobot provides the owners of this model with dual virtual wall barriers. These virtual wall barriers restrict the movement of the robot and prevent it from penetrating into certain areas/corners of the house.

Simply set up the virtual walls at the points/places you wish to be untouched and Roomba 895 will not bypass to such areas.

Scheduled cleaning 

With no worries, you can schedule the Roomba 895 to clean up the house at intervals up to 7 times weekly. Whether you’re not always at home, this robotic vacuum does not require your presence to carry out its duties; it is totally independent and smart.


The Roomba 895 is backed with a 12-month warranty on the robot and 6 months on battery; this is default warranty support on all Roomba vacuums.

Roomba 895 

All the robotic vacuums in Roomba 800 series are all good but this mode is exceptional. It can be controlled remotely and also supports voice command options. This robotic vacuum works pretty well for pet hair treatment and is packed with advanced features and technologies.

Considering the features, specs, and accessories included on this model, it goes very well for the price at $599.00. Roomba 895 vacuum cleans the floor in a professional way without leaving a spot untouched. This Roomba vacuum model does not require much maintenance practices so; you won’t spend a dime on maintaining the robot.

Conclusion on the Roomba 895 

This Roomba 895 Review article is aimed to act as a guide to robotic vacuum buyers, by detailing the actual features they’ll enjoy when they buy this model manufactured by iRobot.

There are earlier models of this vacuum that cost less than this model and they are good at handling home cleaning tasks. You may want to consider some of them such as Roomba 650, Roomba 860, Roomba 680 and Roomba 690; these models come with good features and they are really good robotic vacuums.

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