Samsung PowerBot R7010 Review

Sometimes, a fancy design attracts a buyer more than the product durability or warranty coverage. However, in the case of Samsung PowerBot R7010, the design (though not premium) looks quite good and it is durable. In this Samsung PowerBot R7010 review, you’ll learn about all the features and functions of this home cleaner.

One of the reasons to get this robotic vacuum is due to the low price tag. You are going to save quite some money if you decide to get this bot. But, won’t it be more advantageous to add more money to your budget and get a higher robotic vacuum or look for an alternative within the price range? Considering that this vacuum comes with just 20X suction power, runs for 1 hour with no support for wireless connectivity, it could be stressful using it in a big home.

However, Samsung PowerBot R7010 is well and solidly built; it will arguably last over a long period of time. Also, it comes with a combo brush and the shape design allows it to get nearer to wall edges and corner while functioning. You can easily wash the filter of this bot and it is backed with 12-warranty support from the manufacturer (Samsung).

Highlights of Samsung PowerBot R7010

  • 60 minutes runtime
  • 20X suction
  • EasyPass wheels
  • Cyclone technology support
  • 0.3L dustbin size
  • Edge Clean Master
  • Wide cleaning brush
  • Washable filters
  • Utilizes its onboard camera for navigation and mapping of the environment 
  • Cheap price

Samsung PowerBot R7010 Review

What you need is a good robotic vacuum that could deal with the stubborn dirt, pet hairs, and debris on your floors right? Well, this bot is quite good at delivering a neat floor. Even though with 20X suction power it tries to trap all the fine particles on the floor, including sticky pet hairs and allergens.

The R7010 is a wall-edge cleaning expert, thanks to the stretched D-Shape design. One of the unappealing issues of this bot is the poor battery runtime; after spending about 3 hours to charge fully, the R7010 bot runs for 60 minutes (max). Nevertheless, when the battery of this bot tends to go low, it automatically returns to the charging station for a recharge. 

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R7010 is a Bagless robotic vacuum with a 0.3L easy-to-remove dustbin. The dustbin is not big size, so, you may have to empty it more frequently than you expect. Furthermore, the Cyclone Force technology integrated on all Samsung robotic vacuums helps to maintain constant power flow and auto-adjusts the bot to use the most suitable suction for each type of floor it comes across.

Coming to the navigation aspect, there is no special navigation system featured by this bot. Instead, it utilizes the onboard camera (Full View Sensor) with a set of other sensors to find its way around a house. Moving from one room to the other is not a difficult task for R7010, in spite of this, it rarely runs into obstacles. 

Thanks to the low-profile height that allows this bot to meander under the home furniture’ and other pieces of equipment with a high, open base. The general performance of Samsung R7010 is just as you would expect from a $279.00 smart robotic vacuum.

If you don’t have a large home, this could be a great choice for you. On the other hand, if you live a big home/apartment you may have to look for an alternative in Roomba 800 or 900 series. Neato’s Botvac series are also good options for big homes.

Samsung PowerBot r7010 Specs

Dimensions13.7 x 13.4 x 3.8 inches
ShapeElongated D-shape
Weight8.8 LBS
Suction Power20X
Automatic return and chargeYes 
Washable filterYes 
Mobile app supportNot available
Brush TypeCombo brushes
Bin sizeMedium (0.3L)
NavigationVisionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor 2.0
Multi-room cleaningYes, seamless
SchedulingYes, manual
Wall edge cleaningYes 
Cliff detector sensorYes 
WheelsEasyPass wheels
Spot cleaningNo 
RuntimeNot up to 2 hours
WarrantyYes (one year from the manufacturer)

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Looking at these specs, you’ll spot that this is an entry-level robotic vacuum.

Features of R7010 robotic vacuum

Design and aesthetics

Samsung R7010 home cleaner is not the sleekest budget robotic vacuum; the design is still the tradition design featured by Samsung’s PowerBot robotic vacuum – an elongated D-Shape design. It’s quite good because the robot can get closer to wall edges due to this shape structure.

There are three well-arranged buttons on the body of this robot. Also, the R7010 features a white finishing. You will see the dustbin right on top of the bot and it is easily detachable. Generally, the design and aesthetics of this bot are quite impressive, plus, it has a very low height.

Navigation and cleaning

R7010 uses a camera-based nav. system. It quickly scans the whole house and maps out a convenient cleaning path for itself. Even though without a dedicated navigation tech, this PowerBot hardly collides with obstacles or other gears in the house as it cleans.

Also, it detects walls and corners through of the help of some set of intelligent sensors it has inside. With a wide, strong brush, this PowerBot tends to clean up all the edges or corners in a room. There is an Edge Master Tool hidden inside the bot; this tool gets out once the bot detects a wall. Actually, it is a small red rubber blade that scrapes out every dirt, debris or hairs on the walls.

Furthermore, it appears that R7010 is compatible with both hard and soft floors; the EasyPass wheels help to transit the bot from one floor to another swiftly and to move it over minor obstacles like wire cables.


Unlike most recent vacuum, you’ll have to manually schedule this bot to clean on a daily basis. You will have to turn on a timer. Then, in 24 hours from that moment, the bot will kick-start a cleaning cycle. It resets and repeats again after another 24 hours. Scheduling this bot can be really stressful. 

Smart connections

There are no smart ways to connect to this bot; no mobile app or remote controller support. Well, the price is on a budget, so you shouldn’t expect it to pack every feature available on the premium counterparts.


Be ready to frequently empty the dustbin of this machine as it is just 0.3L. Once after each cleaning task, you should get out the bin and dispose of its content. It is flexible and very easy to remove. 

Also, the filter is washable with water and this subsidized the maintenance cost of this machine. You may not have to worry about maintenance for the first 2 years of using this robotic vacuum.


A wide motorized brush is available on this PowerBot. It causes the bot to reach out and clean wider areas with less movement. This way, the robot will totally finish or complete a good percentage of the area assigned to it before the battery runs down.  

PowerBot R7010 robot packs efficient brushes that are capable to capture any kind of dirt, debris, allergen, pollens, hairs, etc. on the floors. 


A Li-Po battery powers this robotic vacuum, it runs for 60mins (1 hour). Typically, most robotic vacuums (including some pricey ones) do not exceed this runtime of 60mins. If the space assigned to R7010 is not so big, it could complete cleaning the area before the battery becomes low.

Docking and recharging

On its own, the Samsung R7010 will return to the dock station and recharge itself anytime the battery is low on power. You won’t have to frequently carry the bot to or from the dock station. The ability to recharge itself is one of the best features of PowerBot R7010.

How the R7010 works

With the 20x suction capacity, this bot will still grasp any particle it comes across on the floors. It really works on both hard and soft floors. You’ll notice the bot gets so much closer to the walls and edges, unlike those oval-shaped robotic vacuums that are somewhat limited.

This bot utilizes its onboard digital camera together with an array of smart sensors to create an ideal cleaning path. Actually, it does this by scanning the arrangement of your home or an environment. Also, surprisingly, this robotic vacuum would not hit an obstacle while on the go.

Final words on the Samsung PowerBot R7010 review 

The PowerBot R7010 is the cheapest model of Samsung robotic vacuums you could get. So, if you’re one of those occupied homeowners who does not often have the time to carry out routine house cleaning, then, you need this Samsung’s PowerBot to help you out. It is not expensive; you’ll go home with a lot of balance after purchasing this home cleaner.

However, it is not the best in the market, there are tons of other robotic vacuums within its price range. Because this is a Samsung’s product, the durability is liable and there is a 12-month (1 year) warranty support placed on this home cleaner. Get the Samsung R7010 today and enjoy a steady neat home.

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