Samsung PowerBot R7065 Review

The Samsung PowerBot R7065 and PowerBot R7070 look almost the same; the designs are so similar, barely would you be able to differentiate between the two. Well, this is the Samsung PowerBot R7065 Review article; you’ll get to know the actual difference between these lookalike robotic vacuums. Although, they both have quite a lot of similarities in their features.

PowerBot R7065 tends to look like a real robot; having an upward-facing camera eye, a digital display unit, and humanoid head shape, it somewhat looks like a real robot.

Guess you’re also getting this to help out with the most tiring household chore – cleaning up the house. This is one of the most stressful house chores. Especially when you are not always free considering your kind of work. Well, the R7065 robotic vacuum will handle the various dirt, debris, pet hairs, etc. on your floors irrespective of where they are. It gets very close to hidden corners and wall edges to ensure the dirt hiding in such places are clean.

This is a hard working vacuum every homeowner needs. You’ll like the design, plus, it has a compatible aesthetic that blends perfectly with most modern home décor. Considering the price of this robotic vacuum, it is not really cheap, however, it is not high-priced too. 

Samsung PowerBot R7065 Review

This robot vacuum will cover quite a wide area after each full charge. It features a digital display unit and a set of functional buttons on its surface. The height is just about 3.8 inches from the floor and it includes EasyPass wheel with which the bot finds it easier to move on from one floor to another while cleaning the home. Frankly speaking, Samsung E7065 is just as powerful as it looks.

40X suction capacity is not the highest in the industry, nevertheless, it is well enough for this robot to utilize and deliver a super neat floor. R7065 gets to tight corners and wall edges when cleaning; its cleaning speed is calculated to be 12.5inches/sec. It means the robot cleans up to 25 inches space in 2 seconds; that outwardly fast if you ask.

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You wish to know one the reasons many homeowners and tech gadget lover won’t stop talking about Samsung PowerBot R7065? Well, the popularity of this robotic vacuum model is due to the vast accessibility options; you could control the bot through the mobile app installed on your compatible smartphone, using a physical remote, the onboard cPanel, or Assistants (Google Home or Amazon Alexa).

Furthermore, it supports up to four cleaning modes;

  • Automatic clean: launches the robot to run a single-pass cleaning automatically adjusting the suction level suit each type of floor it meets.
  • Manual clean: In this mode, you control the robot using the mobile app or the remote’s directional pad.
  • Repeat Clean: this will trigger the robot to clean continuously until the battery is totally down  (after about 60 mins)
  • Spot Clean: It’s self-explanatory; this mode instructs the bot to concentrate on a particularly dirty spot to clean it effectively.

Quick highlights of Samsung R7065

  • 40x more powerful suction delivers optimal cleaning results on all floors
  • Wider cleaning brush (11.37 inches)
  • Utilizes visionary mapping plus and Full View sensor 2.0 to map out optimal paths, avoiding obstacles.
  • Smart connectivity support – Wi-Fi, Amazon Alexa, remote control, Google voice
  • Edge clean master
  • 12.5inches per sec cleaning speed
  • Tangle-free combo brush
  • Automatic docking, recharge and resumes cleaning
  • 60 minutes battery runtime
  • Intuitive controls 

This home cleaner is simply efficient and with cutting-edge technologies. There are no visual walls that come along with this machine; probably it does not support that. Again, it is a powerful, independent home cleaner with premium aesthetics.

Technical specifications of Samsung PowerBot R7065

Dimensions13.7 x 13.4 x 3.8 inches
ShapeElongated D-shape
Weight9.5 LBS
Suction Power40X
Automatic return and chargeYes 
ConnectivityWifi, mobile app, Amazon Alexa, Google Voice Assistant 
Washable filterYes 
Mobile app supportYes, iOS and Android (compatible devices)
Brush TypeCombo brushes
Bin sizeMedium (0.3L)
NavigationVisionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor 2.0
Multi-room cleaningYes, seamless
Wall edge cleaningYes 
Cliff detector sensorYes 
WheelsEasyPass wheels
Spot cleaningYes 
RuntimeNot up to 2 hours
WarrantyYes (one year from the manufacturer)

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These are the full specifications of this robotic vacuum. Let’s go see more details about the features.

Samsung PowerBot R7065 Features

The features of this robotic vacuum are quite impressive

Design and aesthetics

It maintained the traditional design of Samsung PowerBot robotic vacuums. Also, it looks so much like the PowerBot R7070. The design is somewhat sturdy with premium finishing that blends with your home décor. PowerBot R7065 has a height of 3.8 inches which is considerably low, and therefore, the bot can easily get under the couches, tables, or other furniture alike.

With the help of its D like shape, this robotic vacuum is able to almost hug the wall in order to clean the edges. Honestly, the design and body build of this robot vacuum is acceptable; hopefully, all homeowners in need of a smart home cleaner will love the design.

Unfortunately, there is only one color of this machine available; you won’t be able to choose between different color options. Weighing around 9.5lbs, this vacuum is heavier than most other ones you have handled.

Smart/wireless connectivity support

Yeah, the various accessibility supports makes everything easier for the owner. You don’t have to come close to the robot before sending it to work; just sit back on your usual spot, get out your smartphone, launch the smart home app and start controlling your PowerBot. Right from the app, you can control the bot to do anything; send it to the dock station, select a cleaning mode, view places the bot has cleaned already, etc.

Alternatively, some functional buttons are available on the robot’s physical body, you can as well use them to control the bot. It depends on which appears to be convenient for you as the owner.

Edge cleaning expert

On a closer look, there is an innovative rubber blade that wands out when the robot spots a wall or hidden corner. This rubber blade extends to clean hard-to-reach areas such as corners and wall edges. The blade is not a brush actually; it is very thick and reddish, capable of scraping out any grimy dirt or hair on the floor, wall edges, and corners.

Utilizing this tough brush, no dirt will survive or remain on your wall edges after the PowerBot R7065 has passed by it. Samsung tags its PowerBot series as Edge Clean Masters, apparently, that’s what they are!


This robot vacuum makes use of its onboard camera to map the whole environment assigned to it, afterward, it creates an optimal cleaning path to follow and deliver a neat job. Although there is no unique navigation system built into this bot, there are a couple of sensors which it uses to detect and dodge obstacles in an environment.

It still amazes some people how a robotic vacuum with no navigation system tends to dodge obstacles more efficiently than those with industry-leading navigation systems. Well, maybe Samsung is trying to prove her expertise on A.I tech.


PowerBot R7065 makes use of combo brush. The brush spans from one edge of the robot’s body to the other (about 11.6 inches wide). This enables the bot to cleaner more areas with less movement while maximizing its battery capacity. With a severe rotating motion, R7065 combo brush loosens stuck dirt particles, and suction it to the recycle bin. 

Battery capacity and runtime

While we don’t know the actual battery capacity of this bot, what we know is that it has a Li-Ion battery. A Li-ion battery powers the Samsung PowerBot R7065; you can seek another battery as a backup, just in case…

Based on various tests, the battery of this robot vacuum does not run for more than 60 mins (1 hour). It means that the R7065 needs a recharge after each hour it works.

Auto-recharge and resume

Since this bot needs to get charged for as frequent as every one hour, it would be stressful for one to be carrying it to and fro the house, recharging and returning it to the previous spot. Therefore, it supports an auto recharge and resumes feature. So, you won’t have to bother yourself about the battery status of your bot as it will automatically dock/recharge itself once the battery is critically low.

However, you can use the mobile app to send the bot straight to its charging station with just one see.


Trying to schedule Samsung’s PowerBot vacuums can be really challenging. But, you can simply schedule this model to either run once or daily. The option to set schedules is available on the app and also on the robot’s physical body.

Final words on the Samsung PowerBot R7065 review

In this Samsung PowerBot R7065 review, everything you need to know about this independent, smart home cleaner is contained. However, if you need/wish/want to know more about this bot, drop a comment and a reply will come soon.

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