Samsung powerbot R7070 review and Analysis

Here comes one of the best budget robotic vacuums you could get at this time. This smart home cleaner works independently and has a fancy design that would definitely blend with most modern home décor. If you’re searching for Samsung R7070 review, this is just the best article to read.

Starting from the design down to the workability, this is a great robotic vacuum to trust. At first, the design looks quite unique, although still featuring the native robotic vacuum design. Packed with powerful features & technologies, Samsung R7070 deals with any kind of dirt on the floor.

Samsung R7070 review

For someone who has a big home and apparently there are different kinds of floors for this robotic vacuum to work on, R7070 won’t deem it a huge task to clean up the whole place. Since there is no setup process to undergo before using this bot such as fixing the side brushes or installing the batteries, you’ll just get the gear out of the box and start using immediately. However, you may have to dock and charge it for some hours before first use.

This robotic vacuum from the prestigious manufacturer – Samsung comes with quite some cutting-edge technologies. Yeah, not all the components were structured using the latest AI or robotic vacuum tech.

The suction power is outwardly groovy and the brushes do their job efficiently. Samsung R7070 packs a set of good brushes which it utilizes to sweep through any kind of floor or wall edge. Its stylish aesthetics makes it possible for the bot to get closer to wall edges and hidden corner so it cleans everywhere in the house.

One of the things R7070 delights in doing is to seamlessly move from one room to another. Thanks to the Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor 2.0 technologies which allow the bot to achieve this seamless multi-room navigation.

Furthermore, since the machine could be remotely controlled with a compatible smartphone through WiFi, it lessens stress for the owner while improving the robot’s productivity. However, there seem to be better robotic vacuums out in the market which are slightly costlier than this one.

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There are many features of this robotic vacuum you’d love to hear about. In clear details, this article with treat all the features and technologies utilized by this vacuuming robot. So, here comes the Samsung R7070 review in details.

First, to have a glimpse of what this bot has inside, here are the full specifications of the independent home cleaner. 

Samsung R7070 specs

Dimensions13.7 x 13.4 x 3.8 inches
ShapeElongated D-shape
Weight9.5 LBS
Suction Power40X
Automatic return and chargeYes 
ConnectivityWiFi, Amazon Alexa
Mobile app supportYes, Android and iOS (compatible devices)
Brush TypeTangle-free brushes
Bin sizeMedium
NavigationVisionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor 2.0
Multi-room cleaningYes, seamless
Wall edge cleaningYes 
Cliff detector sensorYes 
Spot cleaningNo 
RuntimeNot up to 2 hours

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Samsung R7070 features review

There are quite some good things featured by this vacuum robot and you’ll love to know about them.

Design and build

This robotic vacuum is quite attractive to the eyes because of its body design. However, the design just as normal as a typical robotic vacuum would look. The R7070 bot is strongly built to last over a long period of time while providing the best value for your money spent.

R7070 is just about 3.8 inches in height which grants it easy access to pass under the various home furniture and other high profile pieces of equipment. The elongated D-shape body structure of this bot gives the front bumper a straight edge appearance; it gets closer to the edges and corners for deep cleaning.

A digital LED display/control unit, the navigation camera, dustbin, and the CycloneForce system are visibly situated on the top of the bot. the general design of this bot is good but not the best it could have.


Apparently, a robotic vacuum cannot function effectively without having a set of good brushes. The Samsung R7070 comes with an efficient Self Clean Brush which automatically detangles pet hairs while sweeping the floors. It utilizes an innovative rubber blade to reach out to edges and corners.

The brushes available on this bot are useful for the purpose they are meant to serve.

Performance and navigation

There is no unique navigation system or tech featured on this robotic vacuum. However, it uses an onboard camera with a set of intelligent sensors to fashion an ideal cleaning path. Irrespective of the number of rooms in an apartment, this robot will always come up with a paradigm path for multi-room cleaning.

It tries its best to stay away from obstacles; nevertheless, it still collides with some of them. Also, the R7070 may sometimes get stuck in a place and require you manually get it out before it can continue with its cleaning. 

With the 40x suction capacity, this vacuuming robot tends to deliver a good job on various floor types. The system is set to automatically adjust to any floor type as it transits from one room to another. A coverage map is available to let you know which areas the bot has cleaned. 

Also, Samsung’s R7070 come with big wheels which are termed “EasyPass Wheels”. These wheels help the bot to ride over minor obstacles which may want to distract or put it to a halt while cleaning. On performance, R7070 robotic vacuum scores above average.


Would you believe that this expensive Samsung robotic vacuum doesn’t allow you to schedule it for a whole week at once? How then will it take care of the house when you go on a week-long commute? Well, scheduling this robotic vacuum to clean on its own for the whole 7 days in a week can be challenging. You can only schedule a one-time cleaning task.

Connectivity and ease of access

One of the reasons people buy robotic vacuum is to save themselves the stress of cleaning the whole house manually. Therefore, a robotic vacuum is expected to be smart and easy to access. Well, the Samsung R7070 is quite smart; it supports wireless control via the mobile app.

This means you could virtually control how this robot works from anywhere around the wifi coverage range. Also, you can choose to use a voice-enabled device such as Bixby, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Every option to control the bot such as scheduling, stop/pause/resume cleaning, docking, etc is available on the mobile app.


Right on top of the robot, you’ll spot the dustbin reserve. It cannot contain a huge amount of dirt; if you’re expecting the robot to clean up many places, then, be ready to frequently empty the trash can. Well, it is easy to detach and reattach. You can even wash it when you think it’s dirty.

Power efficiency (battery runtime)

You may be disappointed knowing that a robotic vacuum you got at nearly $500 does not last up to 90mins. Samsung R7070 runs for about 75mins approximately. During the period while it has power, the Cyclone technology ensures of a steady power supply and engenders maximum suction. 

Docking and recharge

You’re not out of luck this time as this robot can on its own return to the dock station and recharge itself when the battery is low. Also, if the R7070 couldn’t complete a cleaning task before the battery runs down, once after a full charge, it will return to complete the task.

That’s quite impressive; at least you’re not going to carry the bot up and down the house just to power it back.

Is this robotic vacuum good for the price?

Currently, the price for this bot is less than $500 on Amazon; it is quite pricey at this value. When compared other robotic vacuums of similar spec, the R7070 appears very expensive for no reason. Well, its seamless transition and compatibility with multiple floor types is commendable.

This Powerbot vacuum is pretty smart, it utilizes camera-based navigation which is typically rare.  Because of the camera-based navigation, the R7070 finds it easier to get through multiple rooms within complexity. It cleans the floor following a snake-like pattern (waving front and back).

Final thoughts on the Samsung R7070 review

Sure we do, if you’ve got up to 500 bucks to spend on a smart cleaner, this could be a better option. Below are the key highlights of Samsung R7070;

  • Powerful suction
  • Seamless navigation
  • Low-profile height
  • Automatic recharge and resume function
  • Edge cleaning expert
  • Smart connectivity support
  • Quite a beautiful body

The essence of this Samsung R7070 review is to share an unbiased article about the smart home cleaner. While it is the best robotic vacuum you could get for home, it measures up to be among the top choices for homeowners.

There are cheaper vacuums than this that could compete with it in every aspect, check the ROOMBAS.

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