Samsung PowerBot sr20h9051 Full review

The Samsung PowerBot SR20H9051 is a powerful vacuum cleaner with up to 20X suction power; the highest suction power ever packed by a vacuum cleaner and is by far, more effective than other units. PowerBot SR20H9051 comes with the company’s leading A.I technology features and can work for a very long time after a full charge.

This unit can be controlled by a smartphone using the mobile app which available for both iOS and Android users and using a remote controller. It detects and dodges obstacles swiftly, thanks to the EasyPass technology integrated into its wheels. Also, this unit automatically adjusts to clean any floor type with ease to perform effectual and excellent cleaning on the floor, e.g. it quickly adjusts from cleaning hard floors to carpets or rugs.

Features of the Samsung PowerBot SH20h9051


Visionary Mapping Camera: All Samsung PowerBot comes with this feature onboard. It is an integrated digital camera plus nine individual smart sensors which help the bot set out a free optimal cleaning path by mapping you whole home.

Easy Navigation: This intelligent robot easily navigates under the furniture and other low bottom equipment’s in the house while it performs strict cleaning on the surfaces beneath. It also dodges drop-off areas and rolls away from obstacles on its ways to avoid crashing or damaging by bumping unto them.

Deep Cleaning: You can also refer to this as concentrated cleaning or carpet boost as labeled by other robotic vacuum manufacturers. It means the unit detects and concentrates more on dirtier surfaces and spots until it sparkles like the other surfaces.

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Point Cleaning: This unit vacuums independently, you can schedule it to vacuum at certain times per week. If you need it to clean a spot, simply point the remote controller’s light beam at the area and the robot will trace the beam to the area, cleaning as it goes.

Edge Cleaning: Samsung PowerBot SG20h9051 comes with the industry-leading edge cleaning technology – this lets it to seamlessly move closer to walls and clean the wall edges to become extremely neat as it were when first painted.

Unique design: The PowerBot flaunts a unique and interesting design that is appealing to the eye. It is a vacuum robot you’d keep stealing glances on when you’re in a showroom or a retail outlet were many vacuum robots are displayed.

Self-free brush: this robot brushes automatically removes tangles and hair from the bot for more effective cleaning functions.

CycloneForce Technology: This technology feature feeds the bot with an uninterruptable power supply with less clogging. In order to maintain a strong, effective, and long-lasting suction power, this bot separates dirt and debris into an outer chamber.

EasyPass Wheels: The large wheels help the bot to move smoothly on any floor type, and also ride over some obstacles. Easy transitioning from one floor type to the other without difficulties. 

Wide brush: It also features a wide motorized brush which enables the robot to clean larger areas within a short period of time.

Recharge and Resume: You don’t need to bother yourself on when to recharge this vacuum cleaner. It will automatically recharge itself whenever the system detects it has low power left and will automatically resume cleaning once after full charge. 

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Specifications of the Samsung PowerBot SH20h9051

TypeRobotic Vacuum Cleaner
Suction20 x power
Dust Capacity0.3L
Brush Width11 3/8″
Visionary Mapping PlusYes
Full View Sensor 2.0Yes
Wi-Fi ConnectivityYes
Washable FilterYes
CycloneForce TechnologyYes
Brush TypeCombo brush
Cliff SensorYes
Auto DockingYes
EasyPass WheelsYes
Multi-Room CleaningYes
Multi-Surface CleaningHardwood, tile, carpet
Recharge and ResumeSupported
Cleaning Speed32cm/sec
Additional ToolsMagnetic tape, remote control
Battery up time<90 min
Dimensions (WxHxD)13.4″ x 3.8″ x 13.7″
Weight9.5 lbs

The Review

This robotic vacuum cleaner – Samsung PowerBot SR20H9051 is a top-class unit and goes for a considerable price. It works perfectly for cleaning the whole home and also works for your pet hair and it’s independent.

The bot comes with the industry-leading technologies and features quite a lot of useful functions that help to assure a very effective output result.

Samsung PowerBot SH20h9051 is a vacuum cleaner you’d surely love and will offer a great value for your money.


There are other robotic vacuum cleaners that are quite good, but brand/company name has a lot to do with quality and assurance of a good product. So in this light, I’d say the Samsung PowerBot SR20H9051 is a perfect option for any home owner.

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