Samsung PowerBot vr9000 full review

Looking out for a smart, intelligent, and hardworking vacuum robot? You should consider settling with the Samsung PowerBot vr9000 – it is a classical robot you’d definitely fall in love with.

Samsung as a technology brand is widely known to produce high-quality electrical products. Over the years of its existence as a consumer electronics manufacturer, the company has earned solid reputations globally, and millions of its customer have attested to the superbness of their products through reviews (online and offline).

The brand name alone sends a million positive vibes to a buyer and this product – PowerBot vr9000 is a solid tech bot that won’t disappoint at any time.

This robotic vacuum cleaner is packed with powerful functions, features, and A.I technologies. It is self-dependent and assures a decent, neat, good looking home or office. With this smart gadget, your home floors and wall-edges will always be clean and sparkling. It releases you from the task of having to clean or vacuum your home/office manually almost every day while you may still not get your desired result – a clean atmosphere.

Samsung PowerBot vr9000 is such that can work tirelessly every day to ensure the atmosphere around its owner’s house is clean and safe for healthy living. This unit is similar in features with the other vacuum robots from the company but the design is different, unique, and with a classical finish.

You may have used or come across other good robotic vacuums that are quite diligent in performing their functions, but I can assure you that you’ve not seen the like of this unit – VR9000. 

Now, we’ve heard pretty much about the PowerBot vr9000, it’s time to get down to the main purpose of his article. It is actually a review post of the unit mention above.

Samsung PowerBot VR9000 review

Feature highlight

    • 10X more suction power for effective cleaning results
    • Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor – helps to map out the optimal cleaning paths the robot would follow to clean the house without colliding with any obstacle.
    • CycloneForce Technology – assure more steady power with less clogging


  • Easy Pass Wheels – with the easy pass wheels (Large wheels) this unit moves smoothly over minor obstacles.


  • Combo Brush – picks up hairs and debris with less tangles.




Suction Power 10X powerful 
Visionary Mapping Plus yes
FullView Sensor Yes 
Alexa voice assistant support Yes 
CycloneForce Technology Yes 
Point Cleaning No 
Easy Pass Wheels Yes 


The Review

Samsung’s PowerBot VR9000 Robot Vacuum cleaner is quite a good one indeed. It packs powerful features; such of which you may not find in some vacuum robots within its range. It works tirelessly to ensure your floors are clean at all times. 

Although this unit lacks some important features that would have helped to boost its performance rate and versatility. Features like “scheduled cleaning”, “auto-recharge and resume” were omitted in this model and these are vital features that would have improved the versatility of the robot.

But even with those missing features, Samsung PowerBot VR9000 is still a very powerful robotic vacuum you can always rely on. It packs 10x powerful suction, visionary mapping plus, and FullView sensor features. It also went on to feature an onboard digital camera and intelligent detector sensors which helps the robot navigate seamlessly around an environment with hitting or colliding with any obstacle.

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Furthermore, the company’s CycloneForce Technology is present in this vacuum – it helps to select and separate debris and dirt into an outer slot so as to maintain long lasting suction power within the machine. With the help of the EasyPass wheel included in this machine helps it to move quickly over little obstacles and also it helps the robot ascend seamlessly to you rugs after cleaning the floor around it.

Lastly, I would say this is a quite a considerable vacuum robot you can get for your home cleaning tasks. It saves you much money and does not require often maintenance and it navigates easily.

Full Specifications

Cleaner typeRobotic vacuum cleaner
Suction power5.9W
Dust Capacity0.7 L
Brush Width12.2″
CycloneForce TechnologyYes
Brush TypeCombo
Visionary MappingYes
EasyPass WheelsYes
FullView SensorYes
Cleaning Speed12.6 in/sec
Additional ToolsCleaning Tool
Dimensions (W x H x D)14.9 x 14.3 x 5.3 in

Detailed Features of the PowerBot VR9000

EasyPass Wheels

Some other robotic vacuums find it difficult to move on from one floor surface to the other, especially transiting from hard floors to rugs or carpet. But with the help of these EasyPass wheels present in this unit, it can smoothly override minor obstacles and quickly adjusts to clean any floor type it comes across.

Large Capacity Dust Canister

Also, included in this machine is a large capacity dust canister which is very easy to clean. The dust canister is transparent and can accommodate your dustiest days.

Washable Filter

Almost all the features of this machine are very flexible. It comes with a washable filter to ease up some maintenance stress for the owner and promotes cost-effective maintenance of the machine.

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Combo Brush

This is one of the key features a buyer looks out for before purchasing a vacuum robot. The combo brush present in this unit picks up hairs (pet hairs) with less tangles causing the robot to carry out a more effecting cleaning on the surfaces.

The brush lent if 12-inch and it delivers corner-to-corner coverage plus deep carpet cleaning.

Powerful Robotic Suction

Up to 10 x Powerful suction helps to deliver effectual cleaning results. With this level of suction power, PowerBot VR9000 assures you of debris free, dirt free, and hair-free floors.

Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor

Onboard in the unit is a digital camera coupled with nine (9) individual smart sensors to help create the best possible cleaning route the robot should follow to clean your whole home. It achieves this by scanning the layout of your home and its surroundings.

This feature also helps the machine to dodge/bypass tough obstructions or navigate under the furniture as in most cases. So you just switch on the bot and sit back in any convenient location while this intelligent machine handles your home cleaning tasks.

CycloneForce Technology

This technical feature is included in all Samsung PowerBots. It ensures consistent power within the machine with less clogging and also separates dirt and debris into an outer space to help maintain a long-lasting suction power in the machine.

Conclusion and final thoughts

The Samsung powerbot VR9000 although misses some current technology features is a budget robotic vacuum you can trust to carry out almost all home cleaning tasks.

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