Shark Ion Robot 750 review

Here is an honest Shark Ion Robot 750 review. Shark Ion Robot 750 is one of those affordable independent home-cleaning bots with endless surprises. Yeah, it keeps surprising the owners every day. Shark Ion 750 is what the company has to offer into the league of Wi-Fi enabled robotic vacuums and you won’t break the bank to get this. Your physical presence is not needed for the Shark Ion Robot 750 to function; you could even control the bot via wifi using the mobile phone app. The ability to be controlled over wireless connection lands Shark Ion Robot 750 into the list of the top best wifi enabled robotic vacuum.

Roombas have been on top as the best vacuuming robots since robotic vacuums came into trend. However, Shark has something good to offer us at a likely giveaways price. Let’s see if it’s with the hype.

Shark Ion Robot 750 overview

Starting from the look/design, this robot is classic, finished with premium colors that will definitely blend with every modern home décor. It further works with Amazon’s Alexa for voice control but you must get an Alexa compatible device (e.g. Amazon Echo). Instead of calling it tangle-free brushes, Shark simply tagged its brushes set as “Self-cleaning Brushroll”. Whatever, these brushes capture every single particle on the floors; pet hair, dust, debris, dander, allergens or pollens, you could name them all.

Ion Robot 750 utilizes smart sensor navigation to locate its ways while cleaning the floors; this navigation is effortless. Also, proximity sensors detect close obstacles and guide the robot to avoid them while gradually adapting to your home arrangement. There are two spinning side brushes that suction debris away from deep corners or wall edges. 

Since the Shark Ion Robot 750 lasts for more than an hour, it will cover wider areas after each full charge.

Quick features

  • Proximity sensors and intelligent detectors
  • Self-cleaning Brushroll
  • Alexa voice control support
  • Low-profile design
  • DetanglingTechnology
  • Long lasting battery
  • Easy to empty dustbin
  • Wi-Fi enabled wifi bot
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Specification of Shark Ion Robot 750

Weight 5.5 pounds approx.
Dimensions 12.6 x 12.6 x 2.6 inches (W x H x L) 
Finish Mixed
Mobile app supportYes, Android and iOS 
Battery run-time 70 minutes
Time until full charge Up to 3 hours 
Battery type lithium-ion 
Multi-room nav.Yes
Self-charge supportYes 
Cliff detection Yes
Edge brushesYes 
Scheduling Up to 7x per week
Extra FilterNo 
WarrantyFrom the manufacturer 
Price$299.99 (Amazon)

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Shark Ion Robot 750 Review

This is an entry-level robo-vac with high-end features for effective cleaning results. On average, Shark’s Ion Robot vacuums for about 70 minutes (just 10 minutes more than an hour) before retiring to the dock station to dock and recharge itself. It functions automatically without any human guidance except for when the owner is sending commands to it. Since you could use a mobile app to schedule this robotic home cleaner or even through a voice assistant (Alexa/Google voice), you will feel relaxed when outside from home. The Shark Ion Robot 750 cleans almost all type of floors, automatically adjusting itself whenever it moves from one floor to another.

Also, one can barely notice the Ion Robot is actually close because of its very low noise rate. Except you’re going to pay attention to every sound you hear, you may never notice this robot just passed where you are. The obstacle detector works perfectly in preventing the bot from hitting/colliding with any of your furniture or important pieces of equipment in the house. It navigates intelligently and is very fast to adapt to your home arrangement for faster movement on subsequent cleanings.

With the dual spinning side brushes, Shark Ion Robot 750 gets off debris from corners and wall edges when it approaches them. Low profile height grants the bot seamless access to pass through home furniture with high suspension. You’d love this independent house cleaner and the color blends with most home décor, providing more beauty to your home.

No particle on the floor escapes Ion 750’s suction. The recycle bin is easy to remove in order to get rid of the contents when it’s full.


  • Long-lasting suction
  • Flexible dustbin
  • Smart navigation
  • It gets under the furniture without any stress
  • The self-docking features work great
  • Good priced wifi robot cleaner


  • Not so efficient in picking up fine particles and pet hairs
  • The dustbin size is small
  • There is no dedicated navigation system

Features explained

Smart connect

An active wifi connection is needed for this robotic vacuum to synchronize with your smartphone. Setting it up is painless, not as complicated as setting up some other wifi robotic vacuums. The mobile app allows you to set cleaning schedules or control the bot remotely from any location. 

If you have an Alexa compatible device (e.g. Amazon echo) you can use it to send voice commands to the robot. Shark Ion 750 is truly smart and intelligent, utilizing a full set of smart sensors to deliver effective results. Whenever it ever gets stuck in a place, it flashes some led light to draw anyone’s attention.

The mobile app features

It is completely intuitive that it could be easily handled by anyone at all. Here (in the app), you’ll see every activity of this robot and will also be able to control it through the available options in the app. Just as other robotic vacuum mobile apps, the Shark Ion app displays the battery percentage of the robot so you would know if its charging or not. Navigate to the schedule tab in order to set cleaning schedules; Shark Ion Robot 750 can be scheduled to clean up to 7x a week.

Battery and docking 

For about 60 minutes or more, this robotic vacuum stays up and running. However, after each successful cleaning, it returns to dock at the station and also recharges itself automatically. This feature is very helpful; it reduces the stress of carrying the robot around all the time it needs to be charged.

High-Performance Brushroll and Detangling Technology

Detangling technology is an innovative self-propelling system that lets the brushroll to effectively manage and untangle hairs, strings or fibers captured during vacuuming. The high-performance brushes are built with helix-pattern tensile bristles so they work very well on carpets or hard floors.

As the robot moves, these brushes gather all the debris, dirt, pollen, and allergen on the floors to the dustbin. 

Cleaning tests

On carpeted floors or hard floors, this robotic vacuum works very well. It delivers more effective results on these types of floors than other ones. Nevertheless, it vacuums on all floors, but the best place to see the performance of this robot is on hard floors or carpeted floor. 

If you have a large center rug, the Shark Ion Robot 750 won’t have a problem moving from the initial floor to the center rugs and you it cleans rugs quite well.

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated navigation system available on this robotic vacuum so it does not actually map the house to get its paths. Rather, it depends on an inbuilt navigation system to move around the house while trying so hard not to bump into heavy obstacles.

The Shark Ion Robot 750 gets a 95 thumbs up in avoiding stray obstacles or power cords around its cleaning environment. Although it fumbles sometimes and bumps into the obstacles. Also, the cliff detector sensor helps Ion 750 to avoid the several drop-off points in the house like the staircases.

Scheduled cleaning works very effectively; the bot triggers itself to work every day for a whole week as scheduled. Finally, the price is just perfect for a robot of this level. Surprisingly, this robotic cleaner can stand to challenge the Roomba, Neato or Ecovacs Deebot vacuums as a reliable wifi enabled robot.

Final words on the Shark Ion robot 750 review

Conclusively, this a recommendable robotic cleaner, it cleans very effectively like the pricey renown models offered by iRobot. Also, the navigation is good (although not perfect); Shark Ion Robot 750 tries its best to avoid obstacles so it does not get stuck at a place.

Also, the design is much acceptable as it complements most modern home décor. With the high-performance brushroll, this robotic vacuum gets out strong dirt on wall edges and some tight corners. 

Shark Ion Robot 750 retails at a price below $300 on Amazon, it could up to 40 on Black Friday sales day. This vacuum robot is suitable for every type of home whether big or small.

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